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Four Ways I Stay Energized Without Caffeine 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

After feeling sluggish during the day, I decided I needed a change. 

Like many people, I struggle with staying energized throughout the day. With the chaos that college brings, it can be challenging to feel alert and energized. At first, I looked to coffee to solve my low energy, but quickly realized that coffee hurts my stomach. Instead, I sought out healthier alternatives than coffee to keep me awake and attentive.  

Here’s four ways that helped me stay energized. 

  1. Avoid sleeping too much 

I realized that too much sleep made me feel more sluggish than when I was on a consistent sleep schedule. Instead of taking naps during the day, I try to stick to a repetitive sleep schedule.  

For example, I try to go to bed at twelve and wake up at eight. No matter the hours, sticking to a sleep schedule that works, and limiting hours of sleep will allow the body to get into a routine. 

  1. Hydration is key 

I’ve learned that a great way to stay energized is to simply drink water. I carry a large water bottle around with me throughout the day to encourage me to drink I’ve found that by actively preventing dehygration, I feel more refreshed and energetic. 

  1. Go outside 

With the weather slowly improving, I think it’s important to try to go outside to feel more energized. I like to take walks when the weather is nice to improve my mood and make me feel more awake. Even if I’m not able to go outside, opening the blinds to let the sunlight into room does the trick.  

  1. Set Boundaries 

Learning how to set boundaries is an important part of life, especially college life. To avoid my tiredness, I’ve learned to limit the amount of things I need to achieve in a day.  

Each day, I try to prioritize tasks that need to be completed each day, so I do not get overwhelmed or exhausted. I always try to take each day at a time; I make a list of everything I need to complete in a day, and work on future tasks if I have time. This helps me prevent unnecessary stress, and decreases feelings of tiredness because I’m not overworking myself. 

It’s important to feel energized throughout the day in order to successfully accomplish everything I need to do that day or enjoy the activities going on in my life. The journey has been worth it, and I’ve learned caffine isn’t the only answer.  

Meghan is a sophomore psychology major at Temple University. She enjoys reading, traveling to new places, and eating mozzarella sticks.