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Five Reasons Why Your Current Job Might Not Be For You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

 I find myself pondering reasons as to why I shouldn’t quit my current job on the daily.  My coworkers are cool, the customers are great and the tips are okay.  But there are just some things that make me want to up and leave.

There’s no room for advancement 

A lot of times, especially at a small business, there isn’t much room to advance. If you find yourself wanting more out of your current job and you aren’t going to get that, it’s okay to consider leaving. You may work for your bosses, but you need to consider working for yourself as well.

Their morals don’t align with yours

Bending your morals to work at an establishment has to be one of the hardest things. If you can separate church and state, that’s great. But if their morals do not align with yours and it is affecting you negatively, it’s ok to start looking elsewhere.  

You find yourself dreading work 

Everyone has days where they just want to call off work to lie in bed to watch Netflix. Although, if you find yourself wanting to call off almost every time you are scheduled, it might be time to either see what might be bothering you and confront the issue or start looking for a new job. 

You want to try something new

It’s okay to be bored! It’s okay to outgrow your job! Your twenties are the time to explore the world and find yourself.  If you want to quit your job and move to another state, do it! 

You just simply aren’t happy

You won’t always be happy at work, but you shouldn’t be miserable. Sometimes, just being at work can give you anxiety, especially if you are already having feelings of being under-appreciated or overworked. Talking to your supervisor or manager might help, but finding a better work environment could be the best solution.

Autumn is a senior Public Relations major at Temple University. She enjoys cleaning, homemaking and writing. She loves cats, candles, tattoos, and flowers.
I'm a social media fanatic. Between my work as a rising senior public relations student at Temple University and my personal blog (living-with-love.com) hobby, you can always find me on my phone. I'm from a small town in Connecticut and spend my free time doing barre workouts, rewatching television series, and reading new books. I joined HC as my first organization at college, and I can't imagine ending my academic career leading anywhere else!