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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

There’s no hiding that every college student dreads finals week. It’s the last hurdle before the finish line. Afterwards, we get to enjoy a nice long break. Taking exams, writing reports and giving presentations are all stressful tasks we have to go through to finish up the semester. Prepping for these tasks are hard to do, so here’s a guide to help you survive this dreaded week.

Create a Schedule & Study Guides

Study guides are a college student’s best friend (along with coffee) and are helpful in summarizing all the information needed for the exam. Some professors are nice enough to provide you with a study guide, but sometimes you have to make one of your own. When you are creating a study guide, it is important to include the key points of each chapter, as well as examples and practice questions. You can also use Quizlet and access flashcards created by other students or create your own. Quizlet offers many features to make studying easier with ‘learn’, ‘write’ and ‘test’ functions. It is also important to make a schedule for when you are studying for each exam. If you are not planning to take exams, it is still important to create a plan on when all your reports and presentations are due and when to work on them accordingly. This will save the chance of procrastinating and doing all your assignments the day it is due. Set a period of time each day to work a little bit on each task or designate each day for a certain assignment. Whichever method that is helpful to your academic success. 

Get a Good Amount of Sleep 

Sleep is necessary for healthy brain function. I know those moments when you only get the tiniest bit of sleep leave you feeling groggy the next day and not in the mood to do anything. It is vital to not feel that way during the day of your exams. This can hinder you from working to the best of your ability. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night will leave you feeling rested, alert and ready to take on the day ahead. This means no all nighters! They will only hurt you in the long run.

Create a Productive Space

Make sure to create a space where you feel the most productive. If you know you study better in a quiet environment, get a private room at the library or make sure to close your bedroom door when you are about to get into work mode. If you like some background noise, you can create a playlist with some lo-fi or classical music. Also don’t be afraid to switch up the location to help break up the monotony. Also it can be helpful to avoid doing work in your bed. Staying in bed makes it easier for you to get distracted and lay back down to take a nap. 

Eat & Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to get so caught up in studying and assignments that you forgot to eat or to just get some fast food. It is vital to eat during finals week to keep your energy levels up and your brain functioning. It is also important to eat some healthier food. Eating only junk food all week will leave you feeling sluggish and could lead to you being unproductive. You should still treat yourself with some of your favorite snacks or lunch from your favorite restaurant, but make sure to balance it with some healthier home cooked meals. Make sure to also eat breakfast, especially if you have an exam in the morning. Also, it is key to stay hydrated and drink enough water throughout the day. It is easy to forget to drink water, but setting reminders or use an app can help make sure you are drinking your eight cups a day you need. 

Make Sure to Take Breaks

Finals make you believe you have to be studying constantly and if you are not studying you are wasting time, but it is important to make sure to take some time for yourself. Constantly studying will lead to overworking and overexhaustion. Breaks give your mind a chance to reset and relax. You can watch your favorite show, read a book or do a hobby you love. Anything that will lessen the stress you are feeling from the week. You can also take mini breaks in between your studying/assignments. One method is to work for 20 minutes straight and then take a 5 minute break and then repeat. You can also do it with 30 minutes straight and a 10 minute break. Whichever one makes you feel most productive. Also make sure to treat yourself when you’re down with studying/assignments for the day.   

Make a Study Group

 A great way to make sure you are working efficiently is to have people to hold you accountable. Having a study group with you friends or classmates allows you to bounce ideas off each other and work together to figure out solutions. It is also helpful for stopping procrastination and the monotony of studying by yourself since you will be working with other people. Since we are currently practicing social distancing, you can meet virtually over Zoom or FaceTime. Zoom is helpful because someone will be able to share their screen and everyone can work together on the same things. 

Finals week brings a lot of stress, as well as many exams and assignments. It is important to make sure to take care of yourself during this hectic time.

Lindsay is currently a senior international business major at Temple University. She loves traveling, creative writing, painting, and baking.
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