A Fashion Icon on the Rise: Jenn Im

While I’m usually found schlepping around campus in an uninspired hoodie and ratty leggings (my current wardrobe is as messy as my life), I always try to emulate my favorite rising fashionista’s quirky style in my free time.

Meet fashion guru Jenn Im. She’s a content creator on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers, and has a new clothing line called Eggie.

Im originally started on YouTube in 2010 with her friend Sarah under the moniker “Clothes Encounters.” The pair started off with shaky videos of shoe collections as well as thrifted outfits from Goodwill. Struggling students themselves, they made sure to create affordable outfits that anyone could recreate on a tight budget.

When they split later on, Im took on the channel and worked hard to gain a larger following. Her quirky style (who knew neon mesh and a collared shirt could look so chic?) and down-to-earth personality soon attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Her rising fame launched Im into a career of partnership deals and influencing. Brands included ColourPop Cosmetics, Smashbox, Simple Skincare, and Calvin Klein. Just this past winter, she interviewed Olympic athletes at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea for NBC Olympics.

Aside from her YouTube ventures, Im dropped her own clothing line last year. According to the website, Eggie aims to “push the boundaries of fashion and include a selection of gender fluid pieces that are inclusive for all.” That’s a win-win for everyone.

Her pieces are moderately priced and varied in style, with shirts boasting Hot Cheetos in minimalist designs to slinky party dresses with daring backs. You can definitely sense a strong ‘90s vibe with this collection.

Despite her success, Im still keeps true to her roots and posts thrifting hauls once in a while. It’s refreshing to see that even with her wealth, she still remembers what she built her brand on, and it’s a reminder that fashion isn’t about labels. It’s about how you put pieces together, and sometimes the best piece is that gem you find at the bottom of the bargain bin at the thrift store.

For more fashion inspo, check out Jenn Im’s Instagram and her YouTube channel.