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Fashion Dilemma…is it REALLY Spring yet?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.


In high school there were two ways I knew it was officially Spring. The first way was when all the classrooms started to become hot and unbearable.  Since I went to a school with uniforms, spring was in the air when all my friends hiked up their skirts. I know it’s Spring at Temple when people start to flock to Beury Beach and there’s not a coat in sight. With Winter not making up its mind to let Spring have its time, dressing for the ever changing weather can be difficult. Although we had some very warm days, it doesn’t feel completely like Spring recently.

There is such thing as “too early” to break out certain clothing items. If the weather is below 60 degrees you may want to add tights to the shorts you’re dying to wear. You also don’t want to over dress because its 56 degrees when you leave for your 8am class, and then by 1pm its 70 degrees. Here are a few ways to transition your wardrobe and avoid the Spring fashion dilemma.


Add one layer, another layer and maybe one more layer

Layering is the best thing you can do in order to transition your wardrobe. There are days when I have no clue what to wear in order to stay warm for my 8am class, but to also be cool when I have my last class at 1:00pm. The great thing about layering is that your options are endless. Layer a shirt under a light sweater, or a cardigan under a jean jacket. You can always take off one of the layers or add on another layer.

Get out of the dark and wear a bright color

If you’re like me, you’ve realized how many dark clothing items there are in your closet. This came to my attention when I ordered some clothes online and of course everything was black, grey or blue. I’ve gotten so accustomed to Winter weather that I forgot all the bright colors I can introduce to my wardrobe for Spring. Don’t be afraid to pull out the pastel pants that are buried in the back of the closet (if you’re also like me you have yet to do Spring cleaning). Adding a bright item to your wardrobe can brighten up your day even if it’s not that warm out.

Print patterns go a long way

Prints and patterns are some of the biggest Spring trends. You can easily transition from winter to spring by throwing on floral, stripes or even a crazy pattern you’ve never tried before. When it comes to print patterns, combine it with something basic. You don’t want to be caught wearing so much print that it’s blinding.

Accessories are a girl’s best friend

It wasn’t until last spring that I really started to use accessories to my advantage. A piece of jewelry can make a dull outfit into something spectacular. There are so many fun possibilities to experiment with. Spice up the all black outfit you’re wearing the accessories. As said before: they are a girl’s best friend.


Even though the weather is changing every day, you can avoid a fashion dilemma by cleaning out your closet and wearing the clothes that have been buried in boxes since November. Don’t be scared to experiment with Spring trends and clothing that makes you feel good inside. If you want to wear shorts and flip flops, just make sure you have medicine in case you’re sick the next day. Regardless, you should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Happy Spring!

Jaimee Swift is a Senior majoring in Communications. One of her many dreams is to become a broadcast journalist and to meet and work with the infamous Anderson Cooper. Her hobbies include reading everything in sight, running, dancing crazily, laughing uber hard, watching movies, and consuming as much juice as possible. Jaimee is so overjoyed to be a part of such a magnificent site such as Her Campus Temple University. Ever since the days of her youth, she has strives to make a difference and bring positive change to all that she touches. She still holds on to that mindset and hopes to bring positivity and creativity to Her Campus Temple University!