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ABC’s Emmy winning ABC comedy, Abbott Elementary has done it again, with laughs every week, and the brewing romance between our ship Jergory, this episode recap is definitely spicy, read here to find out!” 

As we all know Abbott Elementary is always hilarious, but we can be quite romantic at times, especially in these last two episodes. As we get into the recap first a brief hint of the scenes: teacher conference and a room of Roses. Think with what you will with that information, now onto the recap!  

Spoilers ahead

First, it starts off with the teachers going to a teacher conference which gives off a convention-type vibe, Barabara and Melissa are ready to relax in spas and get their beauty rest, Jacob gets roped into some game with other school teachers and Ava? Nowhere to be found. Which leaves up with who? If you guess Janine and Gregory you guessed right. Which can already be seen as quite interesting. At first, Greg was not supposed to be at the conference but after his abrupt breakup with Amber, one of the students’ moms he decides to tag along.  

 At first, the vibe is a bit awkward of course since it is clear as day that they both have feelings for each other, but are too chicken to admit to it. But after a couple of drinks and some goofing off at the photobooth, the two start to loosen up a bit, and it is actually really fun to watch them together, their personalities just mesh so well together.  

    Now to the best part of the flower room, this scene was a classroom filled with all different types of flowers, in different shapes and sizes. Personally, I thought the scenery was really pretty and really set the tone for what was going to happen next. So Janine picks up this flower and ends up knocking one down, causing them to have to hide in a corner to not get  

caught, which leads to making eye contact with Gregory which leads to if you guess a kiss then yes! When this happened honestly my mouth dropped open. Especially when Janine paused and pulled his lanyard close to her to kiss him? Honestly, I was swooning, and I’m sure everyone else was at this moment.  

So fast forward, to the end of the episode and on to the next it seems that they are trying to put the ‘past in the past’ especially since Janine is with his friend Mo. but this relationship comes to an end because Janine decides they are not a good fit, and plus she technically did cheat on him. This scene personally thought the moment was funny because Mo’s reaction at first seemed like he was fine with it, then afterward he just told them both to go away, as he ate his ribs at a restaurant.  

The episode concludes with them mutually deciding that the kiss meant nothing but it is clear as day that it did to the both of them. Honestly, I love a good slow burn so I am very excited to see what happens next in Janine and Gregory’s storyline. As the season wraps up in the next few months, I really want to see how their relationship evolves and hopefully into something good.  

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