Don’t Let Astrology Chart Your Destiny

The first thing that most of us do when we wake up is check our phones. And if it isn’t the first its most likely the second or third. Many of us are waking up and scrolling through our Costar app to get a better idea of what might be “in store” for us today. The Daily Horoscope, Time Nomad, and Costar are all popular apps for people who are interested in learning about what their days will look like in regards to the stars. But do these apps and charts really have an effect on us? 

Humans have used astrology for centuries in efforts to predict the future. Astrology is and has been used in many cultures ranging from ancient Romans, to the equally popular Chinese zodiac. According to Vox, even Ronald Raegan and his wife would consult an astrologer when they wanted help making tough life decisions. 

As fun and interesting as horoscope readings can be there aren’t really hard facts to back up their claims that you should “look on the bright side” because your Mars is in Libra and this makes it difficult for you to see the beauty in the little things. According to Bill Nye - The Science Guy himself -  astrology has no factual evidence to prove itself at all. Even if it were true, the signs that we think we were born in are off ever so slightly because the earth has shifted just enough to affect our sun signs. Horoscopes can be entertaining, but that’s really all it is. So if astrology isn’t proven to be true why are we planning our lives around it? 

According to a study showcased in the Independent, about 58% of 18-24 year olds believe that astrology is actually scientific. And while astrology has been proven unscientific, I understand the hype of it all. It’s fun to see something about yourself that seems to hold true about your day. But instead of reading it every morning about what your day will hold in store for you, try to hold off reading your horoscope until the end of the day to see if you might find clarity of the day that's passed. The important thing to note is that whether you believe your destiny is written in the stars or if you find it the idea of astrology ridiculous, you have full control over your life each and every day.