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Did #TempleMade live up to the hype?

After the all night dance party at the bell tower equipped with a Temple Owl light show laced with pride and sentiment, #TempleMade quickly became #TempleLive.

What started as a mysterious black sticker on the Bell Tower that read, ‘9.27.12—7pm’ turned into a unique night that all who were in attendance will be sure to remember. But before Temple Made got Temple Live, its hype preceded it and rumors about what would actually happen engulfed main campus.

From Aaron Carter to Rick Ross’ MMG, alleged performers were set to take over the bell tower, which was already being barricaded with metal bars, only further solidifying the buzz of a famous (or, in Aaron Carter’scase, not-so-famous) visitor.

Nick Carter was another D-List celebrity who was apparently scheduled to show face at Temple’s eventcelebrating its newest marketing campaign. I don’t know who was spreading this buzz, but next time they should most definitely invest in lying about some more relevant names!

Junior, Leah Pratt, said that she heard there would be a flash mob, the most realistic speculation, as there was indeed a flash mob in the SAC last year that was advertised in a similar way as this year’s Temple Made next-level pep rally extravaganza.

And then there were those few conspiracy theorists who thought that Temple Made was a ploy to lure
unsuspecting undergraduates to their untimely doom! Or maybe that was just me.

Whatever was said and heard was put to rest on Thursday the 27th as the Bell Tower, Beury Beach and surrounding areas flooded with students who stood body to body (and eventually danced, body to body) in what would soon be a rally to go down in Temple University history.

Though, much to my dismay, Aaron Carter in fact did not show up, DJ Sylo and DJ Royale definitely did not disappoint. They provided the crowd with a mix of music from 90’s hip hop and R&B to house music to dub step and literally everything in between. The crowd still didn’t know exactly what was going on, but that sure didn’t stop them from dancing and having a good time! Bodies were thrown in the air as kids were taking in the rush of Temple Made and crowd surfing to let it all out.

Next, the band marched out and played a few pieces before Temple’s all male A cappella group, Broad Street Line won the crowd over completely with their rendition of the National Anthem.

A bit more partying ensued and then, the moment we’d all been waiting for. TEMPLE MADE.
Temple Made, the university’s newest visual marketing investment that displays the cherry-and-white painted faces of current students and alumni with passion-filled facial expressions on larger than life billboards, posters and banners, officially celebrated its launch with a commemorative projected light show that spanned the façade of Temple’s Paley Library.

So, I know what you’re probably thinking. A light show? Really? All this for a light show?

But never underestimate the power and pride of Temple Owls. The atmosphere exuded a characteristic whichTemple promotes with pride: diversity. Everyone was there together celebrating, feeling proud and having fun, even before the real festivities began. And when they did, every student’s eyes were practically glued to the library (something that has probably never happened before and is will likely never happen again).

The prodigious projection showcased a variety of Temple athletes including the under-appreciated yet over-
achieving women’s basketball team and Temple’s football team who have recently re-entered the Big East conference. It showed Temple dance students and regular life on everyone’s favorite and familiar campus.
The feeling was just that—familiar. The ethos of the whole idea invoked an at home feeling; a feeling that made you want to yell the only part of the Temple pledge that you know: ‘I pride myself in saying I AM A TEMPLE OWL!’

*cue dance party*

And so it was, students witnessed a projection to last a lifetime. And a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience something so oddly simple it became momentous.

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