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A Definitive Ranking of Everyone You Avoided During Spring Break

The first seven weeks of the second semester flew by––just like everyone said they would––and here we are: spring break. Well, considering most of us are chilling in our childhood bedrooms in sweatpants, the actuality of making it this far is pretty anticlimactic.

For the lucky ones, spring break means traveling around Europe or tanning on a beach in Punta Cana. But for the rest of us plebeians, we’ll have to make do with Netflix and a half-pint of Ben and Jerry’s. Still, being home for spring break isn’t all that bad. It means a lot of sleeping, eating, and doing absolutely nothing and not feeling like an unaccomplished slob.

The best part of break, however, is being able to catch up with your high school best friends. Yes, you’ve made amazing friendships at college, some of which will last a lifetime. But, there’s something about your high school friends––they just *get* you.

On the other hand, there are most definitely people from high school that you will be dodging left and right. Here is a definitive ranking of everyone you will shamelessly avoiding this spring break:

1. Your crazy ex

Everyone calls their ex crazy. Everyone. Can all exes really be so crazy? Yes. The answer is yes, they can. And no one wants to be surrounded by that kind of negativity during their relaxing spring break. So, do your thing and pray you don’t run into them at your local Target.

2. Teachers

With the exception of a few really awesome ones who are practically friends, you probably don’t want to run into most of your old high school teachers over break. The one thing you don’t want to talk about during break is schoolwork, and that’s exactly what they’ll ask you about. And you’ll have to conveniently leave out the part where you skipped your Friday lecture because, uhh, you were up too late *studying* on Thursday.

3. People from work

Working a few shifts at your old job during break would definitely be a smart idea. But I’ve never been one to make the smartest choices, so why would I start now? I’d much rather lay in bed complaining about how bored I am than *shudders* work. But, if you choose to avoid work like me, be sure to avoid all of your coworkers/managers too. Nothing is more awkward than having to tell your manager you “forgot” you would be home. Actually, you “forgot” you even had a spring break at all. Ugh. You’re so forgetful!

4. Family who will ask you about the SO you don’t have

Yes, I love my family. Even those who ask those uncomfortably personal questions. But, I refuse to be bombarded with those questions during my spring break. No, Great Aunt Kathy, I do not have a boyfriend since the last time you asked. And that would be because you asked in January.

5. Thirsty boys from high school

Ah, they truly are their own breed. You’ve gotten sporadic Snaps from them throughout the year, but they always reach out more and more as each break nears. And during the first few days of break, you get hit with that “wyd” or “U up” Snap. Or, if they’re really feeling creative, they’ll add a sticker to their Snapchat with their location on it. You know, just in case you didn’t already know they were home. Because, like, they’re definitely home. These boys may be going to college, but they sure aren’t learning much.

6. Your old high school crush

So, like, you want to see him. He’s only gotten cuter since college and you’ve stalked his social media enough to know that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Sadly, your urge to spend all break in sweatpants and a messy bun will overpower your urge to link up with him. It’s called priorities. Maybe next year!


As much as you’re excited to see some of your closest high school friends, you know you’re going to have to be on high alert this spring break in order to avoid some awkward encounters and conversations. It’s like, you take one step into Chick-fil-A and see your sophomore year homecoming date, five of your high school teachers, and your ex’s entire extended family. Honestly, is nothing sacred anymore?

No worries, though, you’ll back in your collegiate atmosphere soon enough –– a place where you can wear sweatpants and eat chicken nuggets in peace.

When Rachel isn't obsessively drinking iced coffee by the gallon or binge watching true crime videos on YouTube, you can probably find her writing about her failed love life. She is currently a  junior (*she's ancient*) journalism major at Temple University, and is a Her Campus Temple Campus Correspondent, a Temple Student Government Social Media Manager and a 2020 Owl Team Student Coordinator. 
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