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Concerts in Philadelphia in the Fall

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As soon as my favorite artist announces a tour, I immediately check my bank account. I stare down at the numbers on my reflected screen, suddenly shocked by how small of a number it is, but I am aware that I will have to make do with the amount declining even more.  

At this time two years ago, I would pray for a tour date in Connecticut, or at least cheap enough tickets to justify spending more on a train ticket to New York, but now my location is almost always included, Philadelphia. Philadelphia is home to such an array of musical genres and musicians, from Boyz II Men to Tierra Whack; the City of Brotherly Love is one that celebrates its art.  

As the fall season comes along, and the colder weather with it, the question of whether to stay inside or to go out is pondered deeply. Luckily, I have accumulated a list of concerts in Philly this Fall, that will push you right out that front door.  

Cigarettes After Sex – September 30th – Union Transfer  

Cigarettes After Sex is a pop band that was formed in 2008, in El Paso, Texas. The band is known for their melancholy backtracks along with its romantic lyrics. Their most popular songs according to Spotify are, “Apocalypse,” “Sunsetz,” “K,” Cry” and “Sweet.”  

“It’s a really sweet memory from long, long ago,” says frontman Greg Gonzalez when describing the “vibe” of his band, “And as time passes, it becomes sad, something melancholy. It’s fading away from you. Those emotions and fading memories are the feelings we are trying to capture.” 

When I listen to Cigarettes After Sex, I feel comforted whilst also distanced at the same time. An exciting nostalgia runs through my veins as I listen to “Apocalypse” and “Sunsetz”, while a hollow hug fills me as I play “Cry”.  

This band has mastered the feeling of everything while also nothing all at once. A match burning out, raindrops on your window, a light flicker; if you find any of these things appealing, this is the band for you.  

Steve Lacy – October 11th – The Fillmore  

This next concert is one that I am attending and feel like I’ve been waiting for forever. Steve Lacy is an artist who can do it all. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer, and at the young age of 24, he has already made a name for himself in the R&B space, but also in music as a whole.  

He was nominated for a Grammy at the age of 17, as he was a guitarist in the group called The Internet (Check them out they’re AMAZING). From there he went on to put out EPs and other works, whilst collaborating with some of the biggest names in music, like Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, the late Mac Miller, and several others.  

Lacy is known for producing his music using solely his iPhone and is highly sought after for his unique sound. In July of this year, Lacy released his second studio album entitled “Gemini Rights”. According to Spotify, Lacy’s most popular songs are “Bad Habit,” “Dark Red,” “Static,” “C U Girl,” and “N Side”.   

As a ticket buyer, I can say that getting one was extremely competitive and unfortunately expensive, however, I know that it will be beyond worth it. Lacy’s vocals are unmatched, as is his raw intelligence for creating masterpieces.  

Gorillaz – October 14th – The Met  

Gorillaz is a band that is truly one of a kind. They launched in the year 1997, as a fully virtual band. The creators have established a narrative of their group, that is completely fictional and within its own world, and yet we are all sucked in.  

The band has been categorized as alternative rock, art pop, electronic, trip-hop, and hip hop, with almost every song sounding different from the next. Some of their biggest hits through the years according to Spotify are, “Feel Good Inc.,” “New Gold,” “Rhinestone Eyes,” “On Melancholy Hill,” and “Cracker Island”.  

This is the group’s first North American tour in four years, and fans are ecstatic for their return. I’m hoping someone grabs a video of “Clint Eastwood”, as that song is the backtrack of many memories from my childhood.  

Dayglow – November 19th – The Fillmore  

Dayglow is the cover name for the 21-year-old singer, Sloan Struble. Struble’s music has been described as a blend of alternative and indie pop, with happy themes and a plethora of instruments that are impossible to not dance to.  

In 2018 he released his home-recorded album, entitled Fuzzy Brain. This album immediately became viral, giving Struble spots in music festivals, and a new reputation within the indie space.  

According to Spotify his most popular songs are, “Can I Call You Tonight?,” “Hot Rod,” “Close to You,” “Run the World!!!” and “Then It All Goes Away”. In October of this year, he is set to release his third studio album, entitled People in Motion. Despite Struble’s young age, he’s found great success and has accumulated a fan base that yearns to bop their heads and dance like no one is watching.   

Jessie Reyez – November 13th – The Fillmore  

Jessie Reyez is a talented female artist, who produces music specifically in the contemporary R&B space. She also incorporates influences from pop and hip hop music, along with paying tribute to her Colombian roots. She is known for her passionate lyrics along with her raw vocals. 

 In 2017, Reyez released her first EP entitled Kiddo, and from there she has collaborated with well-known artists such as Calvin Harris, Eminem, and Sam Smith. In 2016 she released her first charting single entitled, “Figures”, which continues to be one of her most popular songs to date. According to Spotify, a list of her other popular songs includes, “Promises”, Rain”, “IMPORTED”, and “ONLY ONE”.  

On September 16th of 2022, Reyez’s new album entitled, Yessie, was released. This album incorporates everything that Reyez does well. She openly bears her heart, provides lines of comedic relief, incorporates her background, and continuously stays true to who she is as an individual and an artist.  

If you’re anything like me, you feel like a concert is an experience in a time that’s unlike anything else. Groups of people walk into a venue differing from one another in so many ways, but in that moment you stand united. Bonds are formed, memories are cherished, and a time occurs that will not be forgotten. This unity over the art of someone or some group is such a beautiful thing. Not every concert may be everyone’s favorite, but when the person whose written lyrics speak to your soul performs, or someone has that voice that brings you home, I think those moments prove that magic can be real. I sound so corny when I talk about it, but really, I feel there’s no other way to describe it.  

Carley Kurtz

Temple '25

Carley Kurtz is a Sophomore at Temple University pursuing a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Screen Studies. She enjoys drinking coffee, listening music, and spending time with her friends.