Catch Your Train and Still Look Put Together

Every day was a risk for me. I would not know if I was going to miss the train or catch it, and I was so tired of this pattern. I liked getting to sleep-in last semester when I lived on campus, however, this semester I made the choice to live at home and don’t have a five minute walk to class anymore. Recently, I have discovered three major ways to have a less stressful morning while being able to actually take my time.

1. Use the Night Before

When it comes to making decisions, especially fast ones, it is easy to get frazzled. I can get so overwhelmed when I step out of bed and open my closet. There are just so many choices! For me, I find that most of my time is taken up by putting my outfit together. I like to style myself in themes or different color palettes while mixing and matching textures. I usually have my hair down, but when it is up, it has to have accessories or be in an updo. So, I recommend planning everything out the night before. This does not mean literally take time out of your evening to do this. It can just mean thinking about it while brushing your teeth or doing your nightly skincare routine! I always try to have a general idea of how I want to put my outfit together the next morning -- this saves me so much more time than you would think. Having a meal plan on campus also makes things easier for me, because I do not have to take up time prepping for meals. So, if you don’t have a meal plan, you should also pack your lunch the night before, instead of rushing to do it the morning of class. Also, before I go to bed, I always have my backpack or purse ready with what I need for classes the next day.


2. Use Details

Ok girl. I understand sometimes you might want to wear just jeans and a tee...or maybe you just always do. That’s fine! For me, I like slipping on a dress because it literally just takes a second, too. Although it might seem obvious, it is super easy and takes no effort. Usually, if I only have enough time in the morning to throw some jeans and a tee on, I focus on the details to make my outfit look more complex. This means accessorizing. I will grab some jewelry and slide into a cute pair of shoes or wedges. On days when I just have one or two classes, I dump everything out of my backpack and put a notebook or two in a purse instead. A sparkly watch, statement earrings, a nice purse and a pair of sunglasses can make any plain outfit look more chic. Genius, right? I know.

3. Use Your Commute

Depending on my mood, I wear shoes with a bit of a height, which I will admit can slow me down a little on my walk to the train. Not to mention, I still have to wait for morning corporate commuters before crossing a busy main road. It all adds up. Sometimes I barely make it to the train on time! That is when I got the idea to bike there, even though the station is a ten minute walk from my parents’ house. Put your earbuds in, let your hair down and allow the breeze blow it dry while you bike to happy tunes! Every second counts. Multi-task.

If I don’t have my ensemble ready, I will just stuff everything else in my bag and use my commute to my advantage. Usually, I have spare jewelry, makeup and hair accessories just in case. It’s actually kind of simple to do a full face of makeup on the train, but I don’t apply eyeliner or lipstick or do my eyebrows until it has stopped. But while it is moving, I can do other things. Put on some shiny rings, droopy earrings, put my hair in an updo, etc.

Take it easy! You can get ready for school fast and still look fresh. Use details, the night before and your commute to your advantage. Mornings were crazy and they just got a lot more stress-free. Life just became simpler...and there is no more running to the train.