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Campus Fashion Trendsetter: Danielle Gorcica!

With black harem pants, a graphic print tee, and a red and black striped blazer, Danielle Gorcica is a girl who is not afraid to wear anything. This sophomore, originally from Cedar Grove, New Jersey, can be seen walking around campus making fashion statements left and right. Standing at 5’5”, Danielle makes her presence known when she walks into a room. She is the girl everyone wants to know and the girl everyone confides in. Her style is equally as loud and chic as her personality is. Danielle’s style is a combination of boho, edgy, and sophisticated but she makes it work. She wants everyone to feel as confident as she does in what they wear. Danielle majors in advertising and hopes to bring her sense of style and creativity to the industry.

How would you describe your style?

“I do not think I have a defined style; I buy things I love and make them work.”

Where do you shop the most?

“Urban Outfitters, thrift stores, and tiny stand alone boutiques at home.”

What are you favorite designers or labels?

“I am starting my Michael Kors collection slowly but surely it’s growing. Free People is also a love of mine.”

Do you have any style icons, if so, whom?

“Alysha Nett, she is beautiful and has the best style. She can take a dirty army jacket and make it look fabulous. I also take style inspiration from my friends.”

What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?

“I am loving any maxi dresses or skirts. I also love the hi-lo trend. I love cool necklaces, bracelets and rings.”

What is your must have piece in your wardrobe? 

“DENIM. A denim top or vest adds so much to an outfit.”

What do you want people to say when they see your outfit around campus or the city?

“I want to inspire other people by my style, I want to leave my apartment and motivate someone to show off their own style.”

What would you have to say to girls on campus that are self-conscious about their outfits or feel that they could never wear certain items?

“In high school I was very self-conscious about my style. I always thought that I did not have the right body for the things that I wanted to wear. Find things you feel good in and wear them! If you feel good you’ll look good, other people will notice.”

Any last bit of fashion advice?

“Refuse to be basic.  Never fear red lipstick. Wear what you want and own it. Don’t be afraid to accessorize.”

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