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Campus Couture: Embracing Spring Fashion Trends at Temple University

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

As the warm weather takes over Temple University, the fashion trends on campus take a turn for the better. Like the change in the weather, the students’ wardrobe makes a noticeable difference as they start prepping for their summer breaks.  

The first noticeable spring fashion change is how female students switched from wearing long pants to a low-waisted midi/maxi skirt. Many girls around campus have started pairing these basic skirts with a matching or plain top. This trendy skirt can also be styled with a thick pair of clogs or sandals.  

Another Spring/Summer fashion trend going around campus is graphic baby tees. Most of the baby tees worn around campus have a funny slogan or saying, usually taken from TikTok or some phrase that a popular celebrity has said. Some popular baby tees that I have seen are “I’m literally just a Girl,” “I heart making boys cry,” and “dump him.” Of course, this trend can’t be praised without crediting the very person who started it. In the early 2000s, Megan Fox wore her young stepson’s graphic t-shirts. Although many people were skeptical about the fact that Megan Fox was wearing her stepson’s t-shirts around that time, women at Temple love embracing Megan Fox’s old fashion choices.  

Girls at Temple have also taken a big risk in trying to pair jorts (long, baggy jean shorts) with an oversized tee or the graphic tees mentioned above. Although there is a wild debate going on about whether jorts are fashionable or not, especially on TikTok, Temple University is on the more positive side of this debate. Just by walking through Campus on a warm spring day, you can see that many students are eating this fashion trend up.  

The next warm-weather clothing item is a cute denim top. Many women around campus have been making fashion statements by pairing a petite denim tube top with a mini denim skirt. This paired outfit is great for both a night out or just an everyday outfit depending on your style and what you like to wear.  

Sun dresses are also a staple in the fashion surrounding Temple University. Flowy dresses that have spring patterns, like flowers or fruit, can be spotted all over campus, these sundresses can also be seen in pastel colors and occasionally styled with thick sneakers or a pair of small heels. These dresses include both comfort and style, suited perfectly for walking in between classes and or just sunbathing on Beury Beach. Some students often wear breezy maxi dresses to create a chic and effortless look that also keeps them comfortably cool in the warm weather while still providing enough coverage for any unexpected spring breezes. Whether it’s a casual hangout with friends or a special event, sundresses are a perfect choice for a warm, but breezy spring day. 

As the temperatures rise at Temple University, so does the creativity in the students’ fashion choices. From the low-waisted midi/maxi skirts to the fun baby graphic tees, you can tell that students love embracing the beginning of summer by using their sense of style. 

Lily Konnovitch is a freshman staff writer for the Her Campus at Temple University. Lily writes for the “Campus Life and News section”. She writes pitches and content to educate and entertain the audience and readers. Not only is Lily a part of Her Campus, but she also is a passionate journalism major with a future in environmental science at Temple University. Lily brings a unique perspective to her role, aiming to blend her love for storytelling with her commitment to sustainability. Lily’s passion for environmental science and journalism has led her to look at careers such as environmental writer, grant writer for environment science, and journalist who specializes in environmental studies. Lily has a love for skiing in the winter and beach outings in the summer. These hobbies not only provide a balance to her academic and journalistic pursuits but also align with her passion for environmental issues. In her free time, you can find Lily exploring new places, watching a good documentary, or curled up with a good book. With her positive attitude and writing skills, Lily is set to make a meaningful impact on the campus community.