Camila Cabello's Solo Career Comes Alive With the Release of CAMILA

Camila Cabello finally released her highly-anticipated debut solo album, CAMILA, on January 12th, 2018.

Most people know Camila Cabello from the pop group Fifth Harmony, but back in 2016, she decided to part ways with the group and dive into her solo career. Since the release of her album, CAMILA, Cabello has been receiving a lot of recognition on the charts. On the first weekend the album was released, it quickly became the #1 album in 100 countries.

Before the success with CAMILA, Cabello released “Havana” and “OMG” at the same time last year, with “Havana” being the song that received more attention. I’m surprised that “OMG” didn’t make it onto the album. Instead, other songs that were released as singles were “Real Friends” and “Never Be the Same.”

Before I listened to the album, I was expecting upbeat pop music that you can dance to, similar to the upbeat, clubby singles Cabello released prior to her album. After listening to it, I realized that the sound was the opposite. It’s not an album one would play at a typical college party. Most of the songs are slower and have more of a chill vibe to them and would be perfect to play in the background of a small get-together with friends instead of a large party. The album would also be great to listen to while studying for an exam. My personal favorite for a study playlist is “Real Friends.”

Cabello actually talked about the album’s unexpected sound in a radio interview with Apple Music Beats 1.

"I never want to do what people expect me to do. I feel like it's uninteresting if I just came out with 'Havana' part two and part three and my album was just a bunch of different versions of 'Havana,’” she quoted in the interview.

However, there are some catchy, fun songs on the album. One of the songs that I went back and listened to a couple of times was “She Loves Control.”  It has a catchy beat and has a similar rhythm as “Havana.”

Overall, CAMILA is definitely different from the music Cabello released with Fifth Harmony. Most of the songs aren’t my style of music that I like to listen to, but I still recommend the album to anyone who is looking for something new to put on their playlists.

Check out the tracklist below.                                                                                     

Track List:

  1. Never Be the Same

  2. All These Years

  3. She Loves Control

  4. Havana (feat. Young Thug)

  5. Inside Out

  6. Consequences

  7. Real Friends

  8. Something’s Gotta Give

  9. In The Dark

  10. Never Be The Same (Radio Edit)