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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Do Temple Students Have The Best Kicks?  

@Templeukicks is an Instagram page coming to campus that will feature all the best sneakers and shoes seen on students around campus. The creator of Temple U Kicks who wishes to remain anonymous sat down with Her Campus Temple to spill the tea.  

Her Campus: What made you come up with the idea? 

@Templeukicks: Actually, I was walking to class and saw this guy with fire sneakers on and I wanted to ask where he got them. Then I checked to see if there was a page dedicated to sneakerheads on campus and I was surprised there wasn’t. So, I decided I was gonna start one. 

I was always into HBCUdrip, which highlights the style of students across Historically Black Colleges. When I see all the phenomenal outfits and sneakers of students on campus, I think it would be cool to document.  

 HC: Do you have help with the page? 

T-kicks: I do have a couple people that are helping, but I also would love for people to dm @templeukicks, and let me know if you have fire sneakers or even shoes that you’d want me to feature and I can have someone meet you on campus to get pictures. I’m also looking for a photographer and graphic designer. You can email me at templeukicks@gmail.com for a paid opportunity to help out. 

 HC: Where do you see the page going? 

T-kicks: I want the page to highlight individuality. All or welcome. Whether you have the latest Joe Freshgoods x New Balance collab or a vintage pair of converse you painted yourself, I want to showcase them all.  

I’ll also be doing sneaker and shoe giveaways, sneaker and shoe design contests and some very cool sponsored events by some brands that are big in the shoe game. 

HC: We’re excited to see where it goes. Keep us posted on any Temple U Kicks news. 

T-kicks: I will. I’m really excited to see where it goes too. Temple has so many amazingly talented students, I think we don’t get enough credit for how stylish we are as students. It’s time to change that.  

Chelsie DeSouza is a freelance writer, covering all things beauty, culture, and parenting. She's forever a New Yorker but currently lives in Philadelphia. She's been published in Harper's Bazaar, HuffPost, Insider, Byrdie, and more.