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Brittany Thomas ’13

With her bright purple locks that not just any girl can rock, Brittany Thomas, 22, is ready to take the journalism world by storm. On her motorcycle (could she get any cooler?) and with her Cherokee Red band mates by her side, Thomas is eager for new life adventures.

So what’s this super-girl’s dream? To change the world with her words, of course. And she’s already one step ahead of the game with an editorial internship at Uwishunu.com. Just keep a look out in the future for Thomas’s byline in one of her go-to magazines, like Filter, Fader, Vice or National Geographic.

But I wouldn’t count on catching up with the edgy beauty. She’s probably on the road, on her way to her next big gig or aimlessly journeying to her next exhilarating venture.

Name: Brittany Thomas

Age: 22

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

Past/Present Internships: “Web intern at Philadelphia Magazine Fall 2011, A&E intern at City Paper & WHYY Newsworks editorial intern Summer 2012, currently an editorial intern at Uwishunu.com.”

Hobbies/talents: “Riding my motorcycle, taking spontaneous trips, catching friends’ bands and DJ sets around town, dancing anywhere and everywhere, skiing down mountains, hiking up mountains, sewing and revamping thrift finds, jamming with friends, Sunday brunch, playing with my band Cherokee Red, scribbling, doodling, canoodling, etc.”

Favorite band/singer: “Lots of T. Rex, the Stooges, Bob Dylan…but I really do listen to a LOT of everything. I don’t know. But I do know I’m going to see Hot Snakes and Pissed Jeans play next week. I’m really psyched.”

Dream Date: “Full moon. Take a motorcycle ride to the middle of nowhere. Find a little lookout spot, sip some scotch, and talk all night until we fall asleep out under the stars and ride back at sunrise. Yeah. Maybe it’s a seasonal dream date, but sounds awesome.”

Vehicle of choice: “1984 Model FXST Softail. It’s a motorcycle, of course. Right now I have a 1982 Honda CM400 and she’s a total babe, but she’s just a baby. Soon I’ll need an upgrade.”

Signature accessory: “Bandana tied around the wrist. It’s fashionable and functional!”

Signature outfit: “Self-studded combat boots, high-waist jeans and a leather jacket.”

Who inspires you?: “My mother. Regardless of all the people who inspire me with their writing, music, philosophies, etc., I admire my mother above all else for being the most kind-hearted, sacrificing, thoughtful, prudent, peaceful and loving person I know. No matter who you are or what you do in life, possessing those qualities is really all that matters and means success, in my eyes.”

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?: “I’ll say driving across the country with just my one girl friend for three and a half weeks, blazing trails through the National Parks, camping out most nights, crashing with friends and just having a crazy adventure proving two girls can make that happen, even in this day and age. That and skydiving.”

3 Words to describe yourself: “Driven, spontaneous, adventurous.”

What are you most excited for about the upcoming election?: “I guess I’m excited to see the Green Party making some headway this time around, though. I’ll be happy if more people vote and if a good number of those votes go to non Republican or Democrat affiliated candidates.”

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