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BookTok’s Resurrection of My Love for Reading  

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My love for reading dwindled away as what once was a hobby turned into a chore. Until one day… the almighty TikTok app saved the day.  

Social media is like the thorn in your side that you can’t get enough of. Like that ex who will just not go away… but you’re here for the drama, so you’re not complaining. One phenomenon that broke through the vast wasteland that is TikTok goes by the name of “BookTok.” The action of reading found itself falling down the rabbit hole of trends, and like the social media enthusiast I am, I followed it quickly.  

The stages of reading from childhood, to adolescence, to adulthood, have been quite the whirlwind for me. Reading began as a beloved passion, as if a book was glued to my hand. But as I entered the stages of temperamental adolescence, I found the glue not so sticky anymore. Reading felt forced through assignments, book reports, and homework. The time to pick a book of choice felt limited, and my attention turned to something much easier to consume– television. But as I said before, social media (while absolutely addicting) has its perks. It brought me my second chance at a love long forgotten.  

Following the algorithm, BookTok found itself saturated across my feed, and I was not mad about it. The first book I picked up after my breakup with books greatly changed my connotation of reading. My first stop on Book Lover’s Lane (second chance edition) was The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I made sure to choose a book that stemmed from something else I knew I loved. I love the movie version of this book, and I also have a major crush on Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, so getting to stare at their faces every time I opened the book was a compelling addition. My best advice is to choose something you know you will love, and then let the surprises come later.  

Once you read one good book, you won’t be able to stop yourself. Instead of waiting for BookTok to come to me again, I began to use TikTok as a Google search for new books of every genre. BookTok opened me up to a multitude of different genres and stories I never thought I would get to experience. I discovered a lot about books, but also a lot about myself. I learned what genres grasped my attention. I learned about never-before-seen places. I learned what the word zealot (an enthusiast) means. I fell in love with fictional worlds, characters, and most importantly- myself.  

Yes, I discovered a lot about words and wonders of the world, but I also learned the ways in which I want to be loved, what I deserve in all kinds of relationships, and when to make time for myself. Instead of forcing myself to keep going on a day that seems never ending, I take a minute to myself. I open the book I am dying to finish; I curl up in my cozy bed and give myself time to breathe. BookTok has introduced me to a passion I didn’t even know I missed. And now, I am a proud Goodreads user, who can’t get enough of the completely out-of-pocket reviews some people leave. I also can’t help but leave a few of my own reviews as well. I just put up my first bookshelf in my apartment. I just finished my thirty-seventh book of the year when I had only planned to get to twenty. I also started a book account with my best friend (@lunettelibrary on Instagram)… I can’t help myself from making a shameless plug.  

Getting back into reading changed my life and gave me an outlet to know who I am. As I flip through the chapters in my book, I flip to the next chapters of my flourishing life. From the dead, my love for books has risen. Thank you, BookTok! 

Ciera Rybak

Temple '25

Hi, I'm Ciera! I'm a Junior at Temple studying Advertising and Communication Studies. I love to write all things opinion, absolutely love sushi (especially salmon rolls), and love spending time with my friends. I also adore cats and am always looking for new song recs. I am quite literally a nobody without my cat tote bag and my frequently tangled earbuds because I did in fact lose my airpods...