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The Birth Heard ‘Round the World: Kylie Jenner Becomes Mom to Daughter Stormi

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

On Feb. 3, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots were getting ready to face off in Super Bowl LII. People all over the nation were gearing up for the biggest sporting event of the year when Kylie Jenner decided to rock their worlds by announcing something the world had been waiting to hear for months: she was pregnant.

In an Instagram post a few hours before kickoff, Kylie explained that she wanted to keep her pregnancy private in order to give the baby and herself less stress. She also announced that she gave birth to a baby girl named Stormi Webster on Feb. 1.

Now I can’t say I was surprised, but I was kind of surprised! All of the rumors I had been hearing for months were actually true. To add to the amazing announcement, Kylie shared a short pregnancy journey on YouTube for the world to see. While she didn’t confirm the pregnancy until recently, there were definitely two major signs that Kylie was pregnant all this time.

Her lack of presence on social media

Kylie is a social media queen but once rumors came about that she might be pregnant, she disappeared from the spotlight. Everyone questioned where King Kylie went and this only made the rumors multiply. A lot of people predicted that she was her sister Kim Kardashian’s surrogate and what didn’t help the rumors were pictures of her covering her stomach in a photoshoot for Calvin Klein.

Her family covering for her

The Kardashian family is known for having a strong bond and for the past few months, that bond was put to the test when both Kim and Khloé were asked if Kylie was pregnant. Kim drank a sardine smoothie to avoid answering on The Late Late Show and Khloé darted Ellen DeGeneres’ questions and talked about her own pregnancy instead. The sisters have each other’s back through everything.

With Kylie giving birth to daughter Stormi, she has finally fulfilled her wish of becoming a mother, as she said her in pregnancy journey video.

Congratulations, Kylie!

––Jordan Harris

Temple University, 2019. Magazine journalist and editor, fitness instructor, health and wellness enthusiast. Proponent of lists, Jesus, and the Oxford comma. Will do anything for an iced oatmilk latte. Follow my journey: Twitter + Instagram: @sarah_madaus