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Baby Slogan Tees are on the Rise Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Oh look, another Y2K trend making its comeback this year! The newest trend flooding my Instagram feed; iconic slogan tees from the early 2000s. 

The early 2000s fashion trends are making their way back to the limelight. We have seen a lot of Y2K- inspired trends reappear in 2022. Some of these reappearances have been the low-waisted jeans, Uggs, tracksuits, even micro skirts have been a fan favorite lately and now it looks like the next popular fashion piece being scooped up by the public (including A-list celebrities) are the baby slogan tees. 

It doesn’t seem like the baby slogan tee is going away anytime soon so, you might as well get comfy and stockpile up on your collection now! You may be asking yourself , “Is this trend really that popular?” Baby slogan tees are in hot commodity for a plethora of reasons. 

They are the perfect sentimental piece from the 2000s, when you think of baby slogan tees you are automatically brought back to the Y2K era, and let’s be honest, we all wish we could go back. Not only are they sentimental but extremely comfortable as well, which may be the best part of this comeback trend.  Lastly, we cannot forget about the original event that made baby slogan tees so iconic. In 2002, Britney Spears wore a “dump him” baby slogan tee after her breakup with Justin Timberlake and ever since then they have been the go-to hot girl clothing piece! 

Now that baby slogan tees have resurfaced, you may be asking what other A-list celebrities may be incorporating this look in their wardrobe? Well sit back with a snack because this list is long. As we entered 2022 Dua Lipa was the first to pick up this trend. She posted herself in a photoshoot collaborating with Puma and she’s photographed in an all-white baby tee that had the puma design printed on the shirt. Then later in the year Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner decide to hop on the trend as well. Hailey Bieber is seen in a crème baby tee as she promotes a lip balm on Instagram in late June. Then in early August, Jenner posts a selfie in a white baby tee with the slogan “J’adore cowboys”. Victoria Beckham took on the trend and even threw in her own twist making fun of her infamous RBF, she wore a baby tee with the slogan “fashion stole my smile.” Even model Emily Ratajkowski, is seen wearing a white baby tee with the slogan “Feminist AF” on it. It’s safe to say history sure does repeat itself.   

You may be asking how this trend resurfaced in the public eye?  Well, my educated guess would be from the hit Tv-show, Euphoria. Anyone who watched that show knows most of the main characters were seen wearing retro-style baby tees all throughout the series. If you want to jump on this trend yourself or embody your favorite Euphoria character, you can recreate their looks with vintage pieces from Depop, Urban Outfitters, or Free People. Happy shopping! 

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