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Are Zach Bryan Fans Overreacting to the “Burn, Burn, Burn Tour” Ticket Debacle?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Zach Bryan is a folk/country, singer and songwriter who has become very popular within the past year. His peak in music has made its way onto TikTok and has even appeared in the upcoming show Yellowstone. With his growth in popularity all over the world, Zach Bryan has recently announced the exciting news of his “Burn, Burn, Burn, Tour.” Alongside this announcement, Zach was determined to make the availability of tickets fair and reasonably priced for all of his fans.  

One of Bryan’s biggest concerns was overriding the bots and overpriced fees that come with selling tickets through Ticketmaster. So, he made the decision to sell his tickets through AXS. Once registered, fans would be randomly selected to buy tickets. And although this solution seemed simple, Zach received a lot of backlash for his efforts to make things fair for all. 

In fact, family members and even roommates with the same address as other hopeful fans were booted out due to the risk of them being bots. And although this is something to improve upon for future ticket sales, Zach Bryan’s overall goal to keep prices low and scammers away seemed to work.

Yet, Bryan’s fans were up in arms. In fact, they were so heated that Zach had to take a break from Twitter. Eleven days later, he came back on to say, “sorry guys had to avoid Twitter while the tour went on sale, I love you guys all so much and I’m so insanely happy and blessed.”

 Later that day, he took the time to apologize through a tweet that read; “I’m actually extremely sorry to anyone who didn’t get tickets, from the bottom of my heart. Demand was very high and I’m just doing my best. You guys are too good to me and I don’t deserve it at all”

The truth of the matter is a lot of people wanted tickets to see Zach Bryan, but sadly no stadium or artist can please all the fans. Zach Bryan’s audience should be happy and supportive of his growth as an artist and his ability to sell tickets so quickly. Although missing out on his tour tickets may be heartbreaking to some, there will always be another chance to see him again soon. 

Zach took the extra step to make sure his fans had a fair chance to obtain tickets at a reasonable price. He didn’t need to do this. In fact, his extra steps to make tickets fan-friendly show just how appreciative he is of his fan base.  

So, I don’t think it is fair for his fans to react so entitled and hasty at their unfortunate inability to gain tickets for the “Burn, Burn, Burn Tour.” Instead, such passionate supporters should take a deep breath and a step back to reflect on their behavior and realize that it’s just “not that deep.” Just be happy for the growth of the artist you support. No one should feel entitled to a ticket, because no one has worked as hard for this tour besides Zach.  

Hi, I am Angeni a Temple 25' media studies and production major and an opinion writer for Her Campus. I specifically love to write about health related topics and one day hope to host my own podcast. I have a huge heart for all furry animals-especially dogs. I also love to spend time outside hiking, and traveling!