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Colourpop recently launched their collaboration with the “Frozen 2,” but is it really worth your money? After surveying all of the products that were released, I gravitated towards the Elsa palette, which features nine shades that coincide with the ice queen herself. The palette retails for $15 when sold individually, which is a bargain considering the quality of the pigments. Not only are the shades easy to blend, but the pigments themselves are absolutely gorgeous. The shade that really turned me on to the palette was the icy middle shade that can quite literally light up an entire room.

My initial thought on the palette was, “When will I actually use these colors?” Believe it or not, this palette very quickly became a staple in my makeup kit and I find myself grabbing for it nearly every day. Although a lot of the shades are dark plum colors, there are still a few neutral shades thrown into the mix and they are absolutely stunning for a nice natural and light look. 

I also whipped out this palette on New Year’s Eve to create one of the most gorgeous looks I’ve ever done! The colors were so easy to work with, and it made putting them on my eyes that much more fun! 

I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who is thinking about buying it! It was so much fun to play around with and it has found a permanent spot in my makeup kit! Thank you Colourpop for wowing me with yet another amazing product. 

Lindsey Danasko is a sophomore Public Relations major and Communication Studies minor at Temple University. She loves coffee, blogging, and cuddling with her dog and kitties! You can follow her on instagram @lindsey.danasko
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