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A Guide to Paris Fashion Week  

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Although the Autumn/Winter 2024 Collection debuted at Paris Fashion Week late in February, talk about this event still circulates through various fashion websites, Instagram feeds, and even TikTok videos. This event featured many different styles and vibes — from daywear to knit dresses, and denim to boots.  

Paris Fashion Week came and went, but its impact lingers on the fashion industry. Paris Fashion Week included collections from famous designers like Victoria Beckham, Christian Dior, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and more. All throughout the week, each designer had their time to showcase what they have in mind for the 2024 autumn and winter season. And as high expectations radiated from these many profound designers, there were also some new designers to look out for. Source Women Wears Daily, WWD, reports three designers that were on the radar for Paris Fashion Week. Laduma Ngxokolo launched the collection Maxhosa Africa on March 3. Cynthia Merhej, another new face, showcased her label “Renaissance Renaissance” inspired by her female family members and heritage. Finally, Julie Kegels collection “50/50”, a very unique and creative line, was also something to be aware of throughout the week.  

Many different celebrities also attended the show, all of which come dressed in their own best outfits. Seen and photographed throughout the week included Cher, Shawn Mendes, Halle Bailey, Serena Williams, and Jennifer Lawrence, to name a few. And with their front row seats I’m sure they were all just as blown away by the incredible fashion that was presented on the runway.  

As someone who doesn’t keep up with many fashion shows, I still have an appreciation for all the designers and their different artistic creations. Their ability to create such fantastic and unique styles is extremely impressive and a true form of art. Although many of the collections left me with my jaw dropped, I did have a couple favorites. The lines by Rick Owens, filled with colorful puffy boots and space fantasy looks, and Givenchy, consisting of big fur coats and knit dresses, have been the ones I have enjoyed the most throughout the week. From puffy jackets to boots, Rick Owens presents fashion that will not only look good, but without a doubt keep you warm in the fall and winter season. From colors of grey, pink, and yellow, the show of Rick Owens’ collection definitely left an impression on all viewers.  Likewise, Givenchy’s runway was filled with classy, comfortable, and distinctive skirts, dresses, and coats. The incredible styles that are brought to Paris Fashion Week, although way too expensive for me to wear, are still just as fun to look at. It’s amazing to watch, whether you were in your front row at the show or from the comfort of your bed, the incredible looks that numerous designers invited showcase. There is still a chance to reminisce on the week’s extravagant shows, on the Paris Fashion Week website. Many different styles and collections are, without a doubt, new and upcoming looks we will see this fall and winter season.  

I am a freshman English Major at Temple. I enjoy writing, and currently write for the Fashion and Beauty section of Her Campus Temple. In my free time I love to read, listen to music (love Taylor Swift:), and hike!