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9 Post Spring Break Struggles

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

We’ve been back on campus for just four days and HCTU is already seriously missing spring break.

Being back in North Philly after a tropical vacation (or even just a week of sleep) was less than ideal. Shout out to SABRE pepper spray for always keeping us safe in the city. 

LUNA bars were 100 percent necessary to keep us fueled during our never ending first day back. (Never was using a skip for our 8 a.m. more necessary).

We grasped onto the 50 degrees temps, pretending Beury beach was an actual island in between classes.

Who needs textbooks, when you have amazing beach reads like Dirty Rush and The Intern’s Handbook?

Texting everyone you know to meet up at Chipotle is totally the same as having authentic margs and Mexican cuisine in Cancun right? 

And you better believe that we are getting at least one more week of flaunting are amazing spring break beach body that’s still looking awesome thanks to our friends at Not Your Mother’s Hair Care and Completely Bare.

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A special thanks to all of our amazing sponsors at Chipotle, Not Your Mother’s Hair Care, Luna, SABRE, Simon & Shuster’s Dirty Rush, The Intern’s Handbook, Completely Bare Beauty and Her Campus for the amazing goodies that made, not only spring break, but our entire spring semester AMAZING. 

Lindsey is a senior magazine journalism major at Temple University. After she graduates in May she hopes to return to NYC, which she fell in love with this summer during her ASME internship at Real Simple magazine.