5 Things to Remember When You Think You Hit Rock Bottom

No matter how great life can be for us, there are times where our journey takes an unexpected turn and suddenly we start to feel like we’re spiraling towards rock bottom.

Rock bottom is a terrifying place to be mentally because once we’ve reached that level, we feel completely lost. We also feel like its’ impossible for us to get back up on our feet and continue to fight on.

I can’t list what exactly to do when we hit the lowest point because each of us have different definitions of rock bottom and go through different ways to break free, but I can suggest a list of things to remember when we think there’s little hope.


1. Everyone goes through this.

This isn’t exactly the most uplifting thing to mention but when we hit this low point, we tend to think it’s only us who go through it.

Reality: Everyone goes through their stage of rock bottom whether its once or a couple times in life.


2. You WILL get through it.

Life isn’t easy and it isn’t supposed to be easy but that doesn’t mean we can’t overcome the challenges that are thrown at us. Often times we forget this because we allow our dark thoughts to consume our minds.

However, no matter how long it takes, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.


3. Take a step back & reflect.

We need to think for a bit and realize what exactly drove us towards rock bottom and why we allowed this to happen.

Sometimes when we think back, it can help us prevent certain situations from having us head towards rock bottom again. It also allows us to realize that we can’t hit a lower point in our lives and gives us the inspiration to come up with ideas on how to get back on our feet.


4. Don’t let anyone make you feel low for reaching this.

Just need to remind people again: EVERYONE hits rock bottom. No one has life magically figured out and can always avoid reaching a low point. I know this isn’t always avoidable but try not to feel worthless or pathetic because of this dilemma. Try to just look at as a minor roadblock in our journey of life.


5. You learn so much.

Other than just reflecting on the spiral downward, we discover a lot about ourselves. We figure ourselves out more and we start to look at life differently. For many of us, we will view life negatively at first but once we start learning more things, we begin to look at life more positively.

We realize that this is a part of life and we become stronger at battling life’s challenges.