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Since “Victorious” has been added to Netflix, social media has been blowing up with feelings of nostalgia in remembrance of this classic show — and of its iconic soundtrack that we all still bop to today.

Here are the top five most notable songs from the show, in my opinion:

“Give It Up”

Jade and Cat literally ENDED Haley and Tara and showed them what talent really was. I think this was the moment we all realized that Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies were going to be the ones to carry this entire show on their backs. Tori Vega who?

“Take A Hint”

Okay, maybe I take that last part back. Tori Vega snapped with this one, but Jade snapped even harder…..especially with that counting. 

“Freak the Freak Out”

Picture this. It’s 2011 and you’re rewatching the “Freak the Freak Out” episode for the fifth time this week. You know the exact moment when the songs are going to cut to the scenes with Trina fighting whoever her babysitter was after her wisdom teeth were removed. You also memorized the choreography to Tori’s performance as she took off her Louise Nordoff costume, especially the awkward way she points when she sings the lyrics “are you here? Are you there?” 

“Beggin’ On Your Knees”

We love a feminist anthem. Ryder Daniels was trash and Tori definitely made SURE he got what he deserved as she exposed him in front of the entire school. 

“Best Friend’s Brother”

Who remembers the episode when Tori held Hollywood Arts’ first ever prom? (Or as Tori called it: “Prome”).  The episode itself was great, but what was even better was Tori, Cat and Andre’s performance of “Best Friend’s Brother” at the end, as it poured down rain when everyone danced along. BFB!

Truth be told — we didn’t appreciate the “Victorious” soundtrack enough back in 2010. Thankfully, it will now get its well-deserved hype as we all binge watch it on Netflix this winter break!


Sam Margolis

Temple '21

Sophomore criminal justice major at Temple University
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