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4 Reasons Why Holiday Shopping Is Too Much of a Hassle

As the holidays roll around each year, some feel obligated to make trips to the mall. The festive decorations, the lights and the discounts all mask the fact that going to a mall in the months of November and December will end up being a bad idea.

Whether you plan your attack or just like to browse around, it’s inevitable that you’ll experience some of the following scenarios, which will make you question if the mall trip is even worth it.

1. Jam-Packed Parking Lots

This is where your holiday shopping chaos begins. Spending 30+ minutes circling around the premises is not the ideal way to kick off holiday shopping. Before you can even enter the first store, you have to tackle the parking lot. Although, sometimes finding parking can be fun if you’re not in a hurry.

2. Lengthy Lines

You know it’s difficult making clothing purchases without trying the items on, but after seeing the line for the fitting rooms, you’d be willing to head straight to the checkout line. Ugh. Another line. Now you’re debating whether or not the sweater is even worth it. But what if you buy it and it doesn’t fit? You’ll be on your way back to the mall to stand in a line to return it. If only you waited for a fitting room… *cue the panic attack*

3. Anxiety-Inducing Crowds

Take a deep breath and exhale. Entering any store around this time of year can surely be overwhelming. Malls are buzzing with slow grandparents trying to score a deal, teenagers swarming the clearance rack at Forever 21, and everyone in between… including people from high school ~fun~.

4. Panic Attacks


After everything you’ve had to encounter, you’re on the verge of a breakdown. You’re hangry, you become dissatisfied with your purchases, and your decision-making is impaired. This is when you know it’s time to go home.

If you want to avoid traveling to a mall this holiday season, just know that online shopping can sometimes be just as difficult. Whichever way you choose to shop for your loved ones this year, I wish you the best of luck! Or if you choose not to go shopping at all, just remind everyone that the gift of love and friendship is priceless. ;)

Greta Phillips is a Journalism major at Temple University. She is a staff writer for the Temple chapter of Her Campus. Greta is from King of Prussia, PA.
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