20 Thoughts Every Retail Employee Has on Black Friday

For retailers, Black Friday is a huge opportunity for their stores revenue to spring but with that comes a price.

The night is filled with hectic shoppers rummaging throughout the store and, as an employee, you can’t always assume the type of crowd they’ll be dealing with.

Each customer presents a different personality to employees, but they can all relate with the chaos that comes with their experience.

1. Being told you have to work that night

2. When Thanksgiving rolls around but your shift starts in a couple hours

3. On your way to work like

4. When its barely 5:00 and you see people waiting to go into your store

5. Questioning why Black Friday starts earlier each year

6. Mentally preparing yourself for the crowd

7. Customers coming in

8. An hour into your shift

9. When a customer gets loud and you think to yourself “Who the hell are they talking to?”

10. Looking at the clock every five minutes like

11. Seeing a fight break out in the store

12. Dealing with ridiculously entitled customers

13. Then having that ONE customer who is so patient and kind

14. When you’re given a short break

15. On break and seeing your fellow employees like

16. During the last couple hours of your shift

17. When your shift is almost done but there’s still too many customers in the store

18. But your manager decides to let you go

19. Even though you’re drained you race out of the store

20. The second you get home

Have fun shopping on Black Friday, but remember to treat store employees respectfully - they're people too, and they're only trying to help.