17 Thoughts You Have When You’re Trying To Get Lunch In The SAC

The newly renovated Student Activities Center, which opened in the beginning of the semester, boasts awesome food options like Chick-fil-A, Salad Works, Burger Fi, and more. But trying to actually get food during the lunch rush? Definitely not as awesome. Here are the 17 thoughts every Temple student has when trying to get food in the SAC:

1. Finally done with class and I’m STARVING

2. Now for the hardest decision I’ll ever make: where do I want to eat?

3. I’ve already had Potbelly, Blaze, and Richie’s this week…so the SAC it is


4. Ugh, it’s so crowded just getting inside. Hopefully it won’t be too bad upstairs

5. Ha ha ha ha. I THOUGHT. It is a mad house in here

6. I mean I want Chick-fil-A but, not to be dramatic, I would rather die than wait on that line

7. The line for the Mediterranean place doesn't look too bad...I could go for a falafel

8. Never mind, they’re somehow out of everything except lettuce??

9. The lines for everywhere else are now insane. Why do bad things happen to good people?

10. Well, I’m certainly not going to wait in a 30 minutes line for a salad, so Burger Fi it is.

11. It’s been 15 minutes and we. haven’t. moved.

12. On the bright side, at least all these people get to see how good I look with my RBF.

13. After 300 years, I am finally next

14. Maybe if I try and make eye contact with the cook my food will arrive faster


15. Is that my veggie burger that they’re putting into a bag?? I think it is!

16. This may be the hunger talking, but this is the best burger I’ve ever had in my entire life.

17. Wow, I inhaled that. Well, until next time SAC food court. I love you but I hate you.


Wishing you luck in all your SAC food court endeavors.