16 Thoughts You Have When It’s 80 Degrees in October

Like Al Gore has been trying to tell the American people for years, global warming is very real and very dangerous. 99% of the time everyone ignores him, much to Al Gore’s dismay, but sometimes the weather is so weird you simply cannot ignore it, like this past week, when it was in the 80s in North Philadelphia in October. Here’s 16 things that go through your mind when it’s unbearably hot in the middle of fall:

1. Why does my phone say it’s 80 degrees outside?

2. This has to be a mistake.

3. My weather app must be broken. Let me check Weather.com

4. Oh my god it’s not a mistake. It’s really 80 degrees in October


6. How is this even possible?

7. Wtf am I supposed to wear? I switched into fall mode mentally when it was 40 degrees last week

8. Oh...oh my god. Does this mean I have to shave my legs?

9. I am not mentally prepared to shave my legs right now. I can’t handle it

10. What did I do to deserve this?

11.  Whatever, I’m wearing pants. I’m gonna be late to class

12. Pants were a terrible idea. I’ve been outside for 45 seconds and I’m already sweating

13. Seriously, what did I do to deserve this?

14. If I’m this upset, I wonder how Leonardo Dicaprio and Al Gore are feeling today. Probably terrible.

15. Oh, it’s going to be 57 degrees tomorrow. Makes sense!

16. Whatever, at least I don’t have to shave my legs.