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15 Signs You Go to Temple University

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Temple chapter.

Temple is a diverse university with some wonderful places and common experiences students share. Here are some of foolproof ways to tell if you’re truly a Temple student.

1. Encountering a squirrel

*Sees squirrel while walking to class*

*Makes eye contact with squirrel and mentally says, “you stay there and live your life and I won’t bother you”*

*Squirrel moves*

*Runs away*

Your friends from other schools might not know, but Temple squirrels are a special type of breed. They’re horrifying, actually.

2. Hearing “Philly is dangerous”

Once you live in North Philly, you realize – despite what everyone thinks – it’s not that dangerous. Yes, there is crime but it’s a city, what city doesn’t have crime?

3. Seeing a real live owl

I don’t know about you guys, but everytime I see an owl–in a picture, movie, in real life, what have you–I yell “HOOT HOOT” because I’m embracing my inner ~owl~.

4. Living at the TECH

When finals week or a big project is coming up – the TECH is your go-to place. It’s open 24 hours and has a Starbucks below it that’s also open 24 hours.

5. Going to the Starbucks at the TECH Center

Speaking of the TECH, you go to the Starbucks and either face a giant line that goes out the door or a ghost town. But regardless, you go and get your necessary coffee/tea/food fix.

6. Getting TU Alerts

When anything happens on or near campus, you get a text and email about it via TU alert. Even if it’s 10pm and you’re already in your jammies, you can count on a TU alert to light up your phone screen.

7. Seeing food trucks everywhere

Don’t know where to eat and sick of dining hall food? Don’t fret, there are a ton of food trucks–everywhere. Apparently it’s not common for a university campus to have more than 30 food trucks…

8. Seeing Philly Jesus by the Bell Tower

Am I the only one who’s seen a guy dressed up by the Bell Tower preaching?

9. Going to the Beach


…Beury Beach, that is. You often chill on the giant piece of grass or try to find a spot on the often crowded spot. You also know it’s the perfect spot for that ~nature~ post on your Instagram.

10. Eating at Cosí

When you’re tired of the dining halls, you go to Cosí because 1) the food is amazing and 2) the free bread in the bowl…it’s a must.

11. Using SEPTA

You trek down the steps into the underground world to get to various places in the city and when outsiders say “Let’s take an Uber,” you say “What? No. SEPTA is cheaper” because the college budget is real.

12. Finding everything you need at Rite Aid

Need junk food? Rite Aid. Need milk? Rite Aid. Need lawn decoration? Rite Aid. Need anything else to satisfy your desires? RITE AID.

13. Calculating how many meal swipes you have left before you pig out at J&H.

You log on to the Diamond Dollars website like your wallet depends on it because, well, it does. You see how many meal swipes you have left and calculate your meals for the week right before you head out to fourth meal with your girls. Is it #WingWednesday yet?

14. Getting viciously attacked by the wind tunnels

They weren’t kidding when they mentioned those wind tunnels in orientation. They’re real and they’ll pick you up like you’re a feather on your way to class.

15. Being #TempleMade

At the end of the day, even if you can’t relate to numbers 1-14, you’re still Temple Made. Temple is a unique campus with unique people who love and are proud to be part of Temple’s family.

Samara is currently a senior Journalism major at Temple University. She has always possessed a passion for writing and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief for Her Campus Temple. Eventually, she hopes to work in the magazine industry. In her free time, she loves exploring the city of Philadelphia, trying new restaurants, and attending concerts. Samara can be reached at samara.grossel@temple.edu.