10 Things College Girls Just Can’t Live Without

Here are the top 10 items that every collegiate gal just *can't* live without:

  1. 1. Their Phone

    This might be obvious in the age of technology, but for good reason. These things hold our entire lives! Who needs a calendar or a clock or a messenger pigeon if you have a phone!

  2. 2. SHOES

    We’re not exactly sure how you could leave the house without them, but we definitely agree. The right pair of shoes can make or break your time on campus.

  3. 3. Headphones

    Listen, some of us are Beats users, others can’t even hear if they don’t have their Airpods in. Doesn’t matter what side you’re on, just don’t forget to pack them!

  4. 4. Campus ID

    Whether you’re just not into getting patted down by security, or you just love feeling like a VIP, it’s important to keep your student ID with you at all times.

  5. 5. Sunglasses/ a Jacket

    According to the queens of college, a look can change with a simple switch in weather. When asked, almost every student said she would bring a jacket with her in winter, and a snazzy pair of shades during the summer. Who would’ve figured?

  6. 6. A Pen/Pencil

    Listen, we are educated and opinionated. Can’t let those precious thoughts slip away, now can we? You need something to write with if you’re going to nail this whole college thing.

  7. 7. A Notebook/Planner

    What would be the use of our stylish fountain pens if we didn’t have something to write on. And writing on your hand? Horrible for the skin.

  8. 8. A Hair Tie

    Whether your an elastic empress, a scrunchie sister, or a bow babe -- the point is you have to keep that mane maintained. (No pun intended.)

  9. 9. Lip Gloss/Chapstick

    Ladies . . . and I’ll say it loud for all the girls in the back… KEEP YOUR LIPS HYDRATED. That is all.


  10. 10. Gum

    Not the most popular, but we all know that chewing gum during a test helps you focus. (Right?) Anyways, don’t forget to slip a piece of Hubba Bubba in your back pocket for finals.

Honorable Mentions: your backpack, keys, water bottle (stay hydrated!), your friends, and a positive attitude