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10 Food Trucks for Cheap Eats at Temple

Temple has tons of great food trucks that offer all kinds of different foods. Here are my 10 favorite food trucks that will get you the best bang for your buck.

1. Foot Long Food Truck

This truck is located near the Science Education and Research Center. Not only is this one of the cheapest food trucks on campus, but the food is absolutely delicious. Students can get cost efficient foot-long and six-inch sandwiches.

The truck also offers meals such as the chicken finger platter, two hot dogs, wraps, fries, and salads. For a quick and cheap meal, I usually I get the six-inch sandwich that only costs $3.75. If I get the sandwich with fries and soda, it only adds up to $6. That’s a great offer and it’s very filling.

2. Halal Food Trucks

Outside of Howard Gittis Student Center, there are four halal Middle-Eastern and Greek inspired food trucks. They are Sunny Halal Food, Ebi’s Lunch Truck, Famous NY Gyro, and Halal Gyro Express. All of the truck’s service are great and the owners are friendly.

They all serve lamb, chicken, mixed lamb and chicken, or falafel over rice and salad or pita. They come with spicy red sauce, tangy white sauce, or bbq sauce. Overall, the whole meal is $6 with a free drink. The food is great, along with the service and it’s affordable.

Most of the trucks don’t accept cards.

3. The Mexican Grill Stand

This truck is located in front of the Howard Gittis Student Center. Sometimes there’s a big crowd because of the trucks popularity. The food stand serves tacos, burritos, quesadillas with various toppings and their own sauces, and tomato soup.

The tomato soup is $3. One taco is $2, three tacos are $6 (with any free drink), and additional toppings are $0.50. I recommend the $6 deal because it’s very filling. Lastly, Burritos and Quesadillas are $6.

They don’t accept cards, it’s cash only.

4. The Creperie

This truck is located near Tyler School of Art. The truck serves both savory and sweet crepes. There are various sweet and savory crepes on the menu. All savory crepes are $6 and all sweet crepes are $5.50.

The crepes are cooked right on the spot and have a bunch of delightful flavors in it. They also have a deal where they give their customers punch cards, so after buying 9 crepes; the customers can get the tenth crepe for free. TThat’s a ~win~.

This truck does take credit cards.

5. Eppy’s

Eppy’s is one of Temple University’s original food trucks. Their specialty is American cuisine, especially their chicken finger platter, cheesesteak platter, Italian hoagie, banana and granola yogurt, and grilled chicken breast salad.

They also have variety of breakfast options and serve freshly roasted coffee, hot tea, iced tea and lemonade as well.

It’s a good place to go, if you’re in the mood for breakfast food.

6. Chop Chop

If you’re craving Vietnamese food, this is the truck to go to. They serve Bánh mì, which is a Vietnamese sandwich, that comes with pork or chicken. Other servings include such as soup, tocas, fish, dumplings, etc.  

7. E&E Gourmet

If you’re craving more American food, then E & E Gourmet is the place to go. They have breakfast sandwiches and wraps, pancakes, hoagies, hot and cold sandwiches, and many more.

They are open really early and closes around 5.

Also, food is under $6.

8. Ray’s

I like Ray’s because as a Muslim girl, I can eat Ray’s food because it’s cheap and they also started serving Halal meat for some of their sandwiches, which is great because not everyone can it eat.

Ray’s has been at Temple for eight years. They have classics like breakfast sandwiches on kaiser rolls, long rolls, wraps, etc. It’s the perfect place to go to when you’re feeling homesick or need a pick-me-up on your way to class the morning or even when you’re just hungry and need something to eat ASAP.

9. Richie’s Lunch Truck

I feel like everyone on campus has been to Richie’s at one point in their Temple life. If you haven’t, then you are certainly missing out.

Richie’s have great food options from sandwiches, vegetarian, steaks, sides, chips, etc. There is always a line but luckily he has two places to go too. Whenever Richie’s near Anderson Hall is busy, then you can head over to the Richie Lunch Truck near Boyer College. They have food under $6, but it you want to get a combo it’s $8 usually.

10. Brothers Pizza Inc. Truck

This truck is for the pizza lovers. They’re right by the Science and Research Center and sell any kind of pizza. They also sell wraps and sell rolls filled with chicken, beef, veggies, pepperoni, and steaks.


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