10 Celebrity Instagram Accounts You Have to Follow

Social media has gotten a pretty bad rep for being a negative place, but you don’t need to fall into the stigma! Here’s how to get daily, fresh inspiration from real women!

1. @barbaracorcoran 

If you’re looking to inspire your future career, @barbaracorcoran has got you covered! Not only does she give great business advice, but she also hosts giveaways often. I love seeing her every morning and you will, too!

2. @chrissyteigen

Everyone needs some foodie inspo, that’s why we follow @chrissyteigen! She’s always showing what she’s eating, what she’s cooking, and everything in between. This is the perfect account to help promote a healthier lifestyle, without being afraid to treat yourself.

3. @blogilates 

Not the conventional celebrity by any means, but @blogilates is killing the pilates game! She has exercises you can do in your dorm room at no cost, all while keeping it refreshingly real.

4. @theellenshow

Do you just need a little laugh and a break from the day? If so, definitely follow @theellenshow. She posts funny clips from the show and her audience, with the occasional cat picture.

5. @ashley_judd

Every girl needs to touch on her inner femininity, but @ashley_judd is doing that for us 24/7. Get the latest from women’s rights movements.

6. @badgirlriri

If you want to know what’s in, it’s on @badgirlriri’s Instagram. She’s always posting the latest fashion trends, beauty from her Fenty Beauty Line, and more.

7. @kunismilax

For all of those #relationshipgoals you so desperately want, you can live vicariously through @kunismilax. As if seeing her and Ashton wasn't good enough, you get to see the kids, too!

8. @nickiminaj 

@nickiminaj has always had a female-empowerment agenda through her music and you can see it unfold on her page! She’s showing the latest in female music, like collabs with other artists.

9. @pamelaanderson

Vintage is so in right now and @pamelaanderson knows it. Check out her page for the best vintage aesthetic inspiration. This account will definitely fill your 1950’s rom-com leading lady needs.

10. @iamjhud

Showing you BTS of The Voice and talking about real issues? Yes, please! @iamjhud is your girl. She’s covering the latest on every spectrum, from your favorite reality TV show to child home stability.

All of these women and more are helping to promote a positive environment online, so make sure you go check them out.