The 10 Best Things about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, the oft forgotten holiday between Halloween and Christmas, is quickly approaching, and I can already taste the turkey. Besides food, the holiday gives us so many things to be thankful. Christmas is a great holiday, but Thanksgiving should not be unappreciated. It is my favorite holiday for good reasons.

1. The turkey

There are very rare occasions where you get to enjoy and consume the wonderfulness that is turkey. It takes a long time to make, so when you do get to eat it, that time is sacred. Turkey is one of the best foods out there.

2. Family

You get to spend a whole day with them eating, playing games, and catching up. Who wouldn’t want that? Family is the one thing that will always stick by you and Thanksgiving is the perfect time to remember how much you love them. Just don’t talk about politics and everything will be okay.

3. The Thanksgiving Day Parade

Watching the parade is a tradition in my house. What other holiday has such a big, televised parade? None. Bands, singers, dancers, and performers come from all over the world to be in the parade. Philadelphia hosts one every year and the acts are always on point.

4. The weather

Fall is my favorite season. The weather is beautiful, the leaves change colors, you get to wear cute sweaters and boots to your Thanksgiving celebration. What could be better than that? Just don’t wear jeans because you will have to change after eating.

5. The amount of food

What other time can you eat until you burst and no one will judge you for it? After the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, and stuffing, you get to fill up on pumpkin pie, apple pie, and many more desserts. No one cares if you go back for seconds, or even thirds. That’s the beauty of this holiday.

6. The lack of stress

Unless you’re hosting, Thanksgiving is pretty stress-free. There is no pressure to buy presents, put up a ton of decorations, or decide on the perfect costume. It is literally just about being thankful and eating.

7. The mashed potatoes

I mean, need I say more? Pounds of mashed potatoes covered in butter, salt, and gravy. What more could you ask for?  

8. The family time in the kitchen

Whether it’s mixing the apple and yams together, learning your mom’s pumpkin pie recipe, or just spending some quality time with part of your family, the kitchen is the place to be on Thanksgiving. Plus, you might get to be the taste-testers and get first dibs when dinner is ready.

9. The food coma-induced naps

It seems like no matter how much you try to fight it, you always wind up dozing off after a fulfilling dinner. Maybe it’s the chemicals in the turkey, or maybe it’s because you got up early to start the turkey, Thanksgiving is always enjoyed with family nap time. Take advantage of it because a week later you will back to the grind preparing for finals.

10. The thankfulness

There are many times during the year where people take things for granted and forget just how fortunate they are. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to sit back and reflect on all of the blessings life has given you.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you gobble until you wobble!