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Why Raven from the Bachelor is my Spirit Animal

This season of The Bachelor has been nothing less than entertaining! If I’m being honest with y’all, I was not excited whatsoever for this season. Like many others I’m sure, I’ve never been a fan of Nick. So, when they announced he was the next Bachelor, it may or may not have felt like my entire world was crashing down. (Dramatic I know, but hey- it’s true!) I’ve seen a lot of people writing about Corinne this season, and why she is entertaining as all get out, I’m not writing about her today! (My apologies to Raquel) This season- my initial favorite from the very first episode was no one other than Raven! All of us gals should aspire to have a little bit of Raven’s personality within ourselves! 

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Raven has the kind of bright and cheery personality I aspire to obtain. Each episode, she makes the funniest comments, while still being so nice! She told Nick one episode that she walked in on her ex-boyfriend cheating on her, and what did Raven do? She beat him with a stiletto! While the whole story was pretty funny and made everyone laugh, it does hold some personal truth. I know most ladies can agree that we’ve been pushed over the edge before and sometimes worry about looking “crazy.” Well, Raven didn’t care whatsoever! She still called him out and gave that jerk what he deserved. She marches to the beat of her own drum and has the confidence to do so!

Being from Hoxie Arkansas, Raven has some country girl in her. She was the first girl Nick introduced to his family, and she even played soccer with him and his little sister- so cute! Nick had no doubt in his mind that Raven would be the perfect girl to take home to meet his family. She’s so grounded and personable with an infectious personality! During her hometown date, she showed Nick her country roots and even took him muddin’- so stinkin’ fun! I absolutely love how personable and kind she is to others!

Another thing that really stood out to me about Raven was how she acted during THE group date. I don’t even need to elaborate, as it was literally the group date from hell. While all the other girls quit the volleyball game and were pouting about how they didn’t get enough attention from Nick, Raven was still on the court by herself just wanting to play some volleyball! She didn’t let the negativity of that date bring her down! I felt bad no one would join her to keep on playing because volleyball is literally so much fun. She of course scored the rose on this group date, as she should of. This goes to show that staying positive has its perks. Raven proves time’s too short to be down.

Raven Gates is easily the kind of person I aspire to be. She owns her own fashion boutique, cares so deeply for her family, can open up and be vulnerable, and almost always has a smile on her face! I’m rooting for her so hard on the Bachelor, but wouldn’t mind seeing her as the Bachelorette either! As we’re getting down to the final episodes, I know things won’t disappoint. I almost forgot to mention to y’all- may the odds ever be in your favor with your brackets! Go Raven!

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