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Halloween is right around the corner, and no one does spooky vibes better than Mr. Tim Burton himself. I have been a Tim Burton movie enthusiast since I was young, and over the years I have perfected my rankings of the Tim Burton characters. My list of all the characters is quite lengthy and wordy, so I will spare you the effects of my fandom, and just provide you with my top 4 characters

1. Emily the Corpse Bride

Despite seeming somewhat obsessive and overdramatic at times, Emily truly has a kind heart and cares about everyone around her. All she desires is someone to give her love to and to hopefully get it reciprocated, which I feel like we can all relate to. Even after all she was put through (especially death) she still remains graceful and hopeful. What I find most admirable about Emily, was her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness, in order to save the happiness of Victor and Victoria. She was never deserving of the title “the other woman.”

2. Edward Scissorhands

The personification (technically, he’s a creation but whatever) of the rule “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Edward had to endure people’s judgment and fear of him, but he doesn’t let it ruin his amiable nature. His artistic and curious nature makes him that much more special. Also, he is incredibly clumsy and awkward (he’s just like me, for real), which I find so lovable. 

3. Sparky

I don’t even need to explain this one… just look at him! He’s such a good boy. 

4. Sally

As Santa Clause stated in the film The Nightmare Before Christmas, “She’s the only one who makes sense around this insane asylum!”. The only way that I can think to describe Sally, is absolute girl boss. She was basically being held captive and spontaneously chose to take matters into her own hands… we don’t have to address the fact that she did this by poisoning Dr. Finkelstein. 

Now that I have shared the top 4 characters, I would like to mention one specific character that I absolutely loathe, and I believe everyone should as well. This character did not and will never deserve to be ranked. 

Victor Van Dort

In my personal opinion, Victor is somewhat toxic and treats both Victoria and Emily in a very mediocre manner. He constantly has his foot in his mouth and seems to not know how to properly communicate with either of them.The man has a tendency to create problems or simply make already existing ones worse. He simultaneously became lazy and gave up on Victoria, while also deceiving Emily when his “love” for her was simply out of pity. The man is the scrawny and annoying personification of a red flag. #NormalizeVictorVanDortSlander.

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