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When it comes to romance movies, there is only one man’s work that is acceptable, and that is Nicholas Sparks. Throughout the years, Sparks’s books have been turned into films, with there being at least 12 today. With all of them having great plots and characters, it is hard to determine which ones come out on top, which is why I am here to share the top three for your next night in. 

Coming out as third, there is The Longest Ride, telling two stories belonging to two different couples. This movie begins with two young people, Luke and Sophia, each with different paths they want to follow regarding their futures. Luke is a bull rider, and Sophia is a college student at Wake Forest University, both meeting at a local rodeo where Luke performed. They do the classic first date; however, on the way back to Sophia’s dorm, they find a car crashed on the side of the road. There is an old man inside unconscious, who they immediately rush to the hospital with a box they found inside his car, ultimately holding his treasured memories of his late wife. Throughout the movie, Sophia goes to visit the old man and hear about his stories of his relationship, as she is struggling with her own. She wants to pursue art in New York, while Luke wants to win the championship in bull riding after a traumatic fall. This movie tells two beautiful, very different, yet very similar stories of two couples who struggled and loved each other. My favorite part of the movie was the plot twist at the end, which is worth the watch. Ultimately, if you like hot cowboys and are a sucker for old-time love stories, this movie is for you, as you get the best of both worlds. 

The runner-up is A Walk to Remember, telling a sweet, innocent love story that will make your heart full. This movie is about a girl, Jamie, and a guy, Landon, who have very different personalities and social lives. Jamie has always been very religious and lives her life through Christianity, while Landon runs in the popular group and partakes in un-Christian activities. Landon seems to have a dislike for Jamie due to what his friends think of her, while Jamie seems to be unbothered by what anyone has to think. However, through a school play Landon is forced to partake in, he struggles to remember his lines and asks Jamie for help, where he ultimately falls in love with her. Their relationship will make you cry tears of joy and tears of sadness, but it is worth every tear! There is a great amount of character development as well, and if you are someone who loves a girl who sticks to her morals, watch this movie! This movie left me in my feels even after I turned off the screen. It is a movie that makes you want more and more. 

First place goes to The Notebook. This Nicholas Sparks movie is simply unmatched and will forever be the best. The plot, the characters, the acting, the time period, everything just works so well. This movie is about a young couple who come from completely different backgrounds. Ally, who is wealthy and from the city, and Noah, who is from the country and poor, fall in love one summer and are forever changed. Due to the difference in social status, Ally’s mother refuses to let the relationship continue and forces Ally to pack her things and leave. Even with both of them “moving on” with their lives, the love they have for each other remains constant. The story is told through an older man, who becomes important at the end of the movie, and similar to The Longest Ride, this movie depicts a relationship from the past and from the present. If you have experienced your first love and need a sign to go back to them, watch this movie. Needless to say, Sparks does a great job of portraying the power first loves have on individuals through The Notebook. This is a movie I could watch over and over again, and will always remain an iconic romance movie. 

Hi! My name is Aliyah Howell and I am a Journalism and Marketing double major at Texas Christian University.