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The Top 10 Songs for Your Fall ’22 Playlist

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In just a couple of days, it will be September 22nd, aka Autumn Equinox. This means the first official day of fall will be upon us soon! Now I don’t know about you, but I sure as heck am excited about that sweet, sweet autumn weather. It’ll be the perfect time to grab some coffee & cider (or any other seasonal drinks for that matter), visit a pumpkin patch with friends, shop at a farmers market with my S.O., or simply take long brisk strolls through campus while stepping on leaves to hear those satisfying crunches. There are genuinely few things more delightful sounding than that of crunchy leaves, 10 to be exact. Here are 10 songs I love that I highly encourage you to add to your playlist if you’re in search of the perfect fall ambiance.

Number One: Some Sierra Ferrell to channel your inner nomad.

Sierra Ferrell is a brilliant artist who reflects love & heartache so incredibly. I experienced a couple crying sessions listening to this amazing album, which entirely captures that melancholy feeling of fall.

Number Two: The Backseat Lovers with a bittersweet alternative ballad.

The kind of song that makes you want to belt along with it every time. “Maple Syrup” takes a heartbreaking and pensive situation & makes it so personal to the listener that you feel the pain through lead vocalist Joshua Harmon’s words. The title also reminds me of maple syrup itself, and what could be more reminiscent of fall than a stack of pancakes drowned in it?

Number Three: Obviously, a little Mitski to really make you feel those sad girl autumn vibes.

This is personally one of my favorite Mitski songs of all time. The lyrics or so relatable & make the listener feel seen for having those depressing thoughts we all have at some point in our life. If you ever get too into the lyrics, just remember how loved you are & that you ARE enough!

Number Four: Up-and-coming band Rome Hero Foxes with the perfect fall bop!

This song embodies an eccentric & fun feeling that reminds me of having a sleepover filled with dancing, cookie baking, & movies like When Harry Met Sally & Little Women.

Number Five: A melancholy song from the genius band Cage the Elephant.

One of my favorite alternative bands of all time! They have such a unique way of expressing mundane aspects of life. This song is about struggling with something you feel like you can’t get away from. Whether it’s stress about schoolwork, a relationship, or anything else, this song truly personifies that feeling.

Number Six: THE fall romance song brought to you by Coastal Club!

Romance, nostalgia, & long drives. This song is perfect for getting you into that cozy but exciting fall mood! Also, the album art gives off total retro-fall vibes!

Number Seven: Gen Z R&B band NONEWFRIENDS. with a soulful, empowering song.

This is an awesome song about being okay on your own. Its beautiful chorus & aesthetically pleasing melody are perfect for getting you in your fall feels.

Number Eight: An underrated Gorillaz gem about that pensive aspect that comes with the late months.

How could this song not remind you of fall? It has November (the Thursday of the months) in the name! The song expresses the feeling of temporariness, how things, even troubles, fade with time.

Number Nine: A timeless classic from Tears for Fears that radiates adolescent angst.

Seriously, if you don’t have this song on your playlist yet, what are you doing? This 80s banger is a song that makes your heart want to sing along. A story of pining, this song epitomizes that niche fall angst.

Number 10: The Rare Occasions bringing you a zesty alt harmony about lost love.

Similarly to Number Nine’s song, this song’s message is one of “what could have been” & unrequited love. Its upbeat rhythm & tempo might cover the earth-shattering lyrics on the first listen, but give it a couple more & you’ll completely understand.
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