TCU Trips and Why You Should Go On Them

            You may or may not be aware of TCU sponsored trips. No, I’m not talking about Frog Camp, and no, I’m not talking about departmental trips that are geared towards people in your major. I’m talking about the trips that the TCU Rec Center hosts. The dates of these trips vary, and so do the locations. They are usually advertised through TCU Announce and sometimes through various signs around campus.

            In the past there have been several different outdoorsy trips, some of which included: ski trips to Angel Fire, New Mexico, backpacking trips to the Grand Canyon, canoeing and camping on the Brazos River, trips to Enchanted Rock to hike, camp, climb, and cave, and climbing trips to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge. Some trips even get repeated from time to time.

            So why should you even bother with these trips? For starters if you love to travel but find yourself struggling to find an appropriate time because of school—they work around school schedules. That’s right, they’re strategically scheduled so that you will miss little to no school at all. They’re usually almost “all inclusive” which, for a school sponsored trip, means you’ll be receiving things like: transportation, trip leaders/guides, necessary gear, and sometimes snacks. Yes, you do have to pay for these trips; however, they tend to be on the more affordable side compared to scheduling the trip yourself. Another perk? You can bring a guest (aka not a TCU student)! Even if you don’t go with a friend, these trips allow for you to meet new people on campus which could potentially allow for new friendships.

            Upcoming trips include: Full Moon Paddle (April 20th), and Backpacking in Yosemite (May 9th through 18th). The Full Moon Paddle is very close to home, as participants will be paddling down the Trinity River near Downtown Fort Worth. This trip usually occurs every time there is a full moon, so don’t worry if you miss out on it this time because there will be more chances. Backpacking in Yosemite is further away (in California) but it is being described as a “bucket list kinda trip”. If you’re interested in learning more about any trip in particular, please visit the Rec Center or go to to see a full listing of this semester’s trips, costs, and deadlines. Happy travels!


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