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The other day, I sat down with one of my friends and we watched the iconic movie Serendipity to get us in the holiday mood. I am not going to spoil you with all the details, but I will say this should be on everyone’s watch list. Even though I spent most of the time actively yelling at the computer screen, it was a very good movie and I would recommend it to anyone I meet. It also piqued my interest in the idea of fate and whether or not I believe in it. This was originally going to be a movie review, but it turned into a reflection. 

Fate is something that I have always loved the idea of. It is something magical like out of a storybook but when translated into reality it does not seem plausible. As a little girl, I always loved the idea that my prince charming would come to rescue me, and I would have my own happily ever after. I like to believe that fate could happen in my life. This belief does not make me immature or childish, but it calms me in this world where life moves so fast that my feet can’t keep up.  

If it’s meant to be, it will be has always been a guiding factor in my life. This mantra has guided me through many broken friendships or opportunities that have slipped through my fingers. Looking back and knowing that going through these hardships has allowed me to grow gives me peace.  

Fate has always given me a sense of “magic” in the cynical world we now live in. This world has so much sadness and hardship that fate allows an escape from it all. It is up to each individual person whether they want that “magic” fate brings, but I believe everyone should hold a piece of it in their hearts.  

Even though this was meant to be a lighthearted movie it gives me hope that love will always find its way to you, and it is up to you to listen to it or not. When you meet that person, you will always have these tangled invisible strings, and only when the strings are untangled will that person finally fall into your life at the perfect moment.  

I hope wherever fate takes you it leads you to a journey that allows you to explore new ideas, travel to new places, and meet your special someone who will teach you what true love is.

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