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Rachel Lindsay: Making “Bachelorette” History!

It was announced Monday night, February 13th, that Rachel Lindsay will be the next Bachelorette! Remember in the opening episode, when she was dancing so happily while vacuuming her den? That’s what we are doing after hearing news of this! Rachel stole our hearts on Nick’s season of “The Bachelor.” I LOVED seeing Rachel’s date in the beautiful city of New Orleans featured on the show! Lindsay explored the city with Nick and not only shared the same love for this one of a kind town, but also some one of a kind dance moves! She has the Mardi Gras mamba down, umbrella twirl and all! I just love it! What a thirst for life. Now we will get to see Rachel vibrantly rock an entire season of the Bachelorette.If her being a native of our beloved Texas isn’t enough to get y’all excited for this big reveal, listen to this! After 33 seasons, she is the first African-American to be cast as the Bachelorette! I don’t understand why racism still exists. We are people. We share the same feelings, we have the same heart beats, and we belly up the same laughs and cries. This world is too beautiful to see it in “black and white.” I think color adds spark to this Earth, so news of the first ever African American Bachelorette makes me smile. This is an amazing move towards the television industry becoming more diversified. Go outside and observe the vibrancy that exudes from people’s differences, both physical and nonphysical. The casting of Lindsay is just one more step towards having this array of beings depicted on TV as well. 

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Now, Rachel is in no way solely defined by her skin tone; it’s just a beautiful part of her. She said it best in an interview for GMA: “Even though I’m an African-American woman, it’s not different from any other bachelorette.” We are excited that this Texan lawyer at the Dallas Cooper & Scully firm, receiver of that glamorous first impression rose, workout lover, and Cowboys fan is the Bachelorette. I agree with Jennifer Aniston who verbalized her love for Rachel’s mind (and arms!). Ms. Aniston mentioned while on Jimmy Kimmel that, “Ooh, she’s cute! Look at those arms,” and also added, “Ooh, she’s an attorney. She’s smart. He’s going to need an attorney, don’t you think?” So to sum things up, yes, this Rachel has got it going on! I can’t wait to see what is in store for her life and neither can she! It’s no surprise, considering Lindsay’s lawyer roots, that she’s looking at this in a serious light. She’s said that “I’m at a stage in my life where I’m ready for a family, I’m ready to get married.” Oh, and just throwing this in, she passed the bar exam her very first try! Get it girl. We will be rallying for you and this new exciting chapter in ABC and ‘Bachelorette” history! 

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“The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.” – Unknown

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