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One Year Post-Zayn

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since that fateful day in March when we lost one of the most crucial boy band members of all time. As we have come full circle, it’s time to reflect on how we’ve made it through the past 12 months without the musical stylings of Zayn Malik.


March: You are still in shock from the attack of Zayn leaving. The slightest mention of the letter Z is too much to handle. Not only did Zayn really leave One Direction but he TOOK 1D OUT OF HIS TWITTER BIO! And to make things even worse, One Direction has their first interview without Zayn.

April: You are distraught this month! It’s been two months since Zayn left the band, he’s hanging out with producer, ~Naughty Boy~ (whoever that is), and he’s having a Twitter war with his own FORMER BAND MEMBER, LOUIS! Your heart can’t take it anymore.

May: Zayn has gone off the walls! He is breaking your heart! He’s shaved his head, bleached it white blonde, and is tweeting up a storm, constantly reminding you of how he isn’t on tour with the rest of the boys!

June: The other boys of One Direction have spoken out about Zayn leaving, and reminded you that they aren’t going anywhere. Zayn is keeping a low profile and hasn’t been very active on Twitter, so there’s nothing to remind you of his painful departure. You think you can make it through this rough time.

July: You’re feeling optimistic this month. Zayn has gotten into another war, but this time, it’s with Naughty Boy! He’s finally come to his senses and realized Naughty Boy was not the right company to keep!  Zayn also signed a contract with RCA records in July. Bittersweet! Music from Zayn, but no Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis to keep him company on the tracks.

August: Zayn starts teasing us on Twitter with some hints about new music, so we are getting hype! He also dyed his hair grey and purchased a Minions sweater in July, so things are mellow, to say the least, and you’re feeling at peace.

September: September is NOT our month! We are painfully reminded once again that Zayn is not a member of One Direction, when Liam announces that the boys would be releasing their fifth album, Made in the A.M., without Zayn!!!

October: Thankfully, the ghosts our past were not there to haunt in October! But the emotional rollercoaster never really stops, does it?

November: No, no, November! Made in the A.M. is released and you don’t know what to do! You love the songs so much but you’re sad not hearing Zayn on them! You wonder how Zayn feels about not being on the album, but then he tweets about being proud of his “boys!”

December: One Direction goes on the James Corden Show for a game of Carpool Karaoke, and they mention the fact that they all fit in one car now. How could they make light of the fact that our hearts were broken into a million pieces and we’re still recovering?

January: Zayn releases NEW MUSIC. No one was prepared for the release of "Pillow Talk." Not only was this Zayn’s first solo song, but he had gone a completely different route from his band members in the song! You can’t help but get down to "Pillow Talk" but long for the days when he was still in 1D.

February: Zayn is back at it again with new music, performing another new song, "iTs YoU" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. You’re once again reminded of his solo career when he announces that his new album, Mind of Mine will be released on March 25th. ONE YEAR AFTER HIS DEPARTURE FROM ONE DIRECTION!

March: We’ve made it! This emotional rollercoaster has taken its final stop. We can only wait for the release of Mind of Mine and pray for the best!



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Megan is a TCU Journalism major from New Orleans, Louisiana. She can be found talking about Scandal or the Bachelor on any given day, and enjoys writing in her free time.
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