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I must apologize for the condition of my writing as I type into my computer screen. Crooners, violins, ivory keys, and delicate drums are pouring out into my living room. My dull apartment is flooding with splashes of color. I glide around my kitchen floor, overcome with movement as the music peaks into its refrain.

“I hear a symphony”

I hear Dooley Wilson singing beside a raspy piano. He was right, you know. Moonlight and love songs will always hold a magical place in our hearts. Our hearts yearn to connect to another rhythm- a drum, a bass, or another heart if we’re lucky.

“Moonlight and love songs / never out of date”

The pink patches of piano dim as my favorite sad song begins with its acoustic strums and longing vocals. The celestial cello clenches my waist in a hug, tighter than any human could ever give. The chromatic notes somehow find their place in harmony.

“In the cathedrals of New York and Rome / there is a feeling that you should just go home / and spend a lifetime finding out just where that is”

A lost scene from the film Singin’ in the Rain emerges. I imagine Gene Kelly dreamily gazing into the horizon. A picture-perfect setup for his solo. Trumpets. Spins. He erupts in sweet melody, enamored by his love at first sight. I can hear him grinning as he sings. He gets me to sing along.

“All I do is dream of you! / I keep dreamin’ of you”

A muted electric guitar picks along, guiding my steps toward my bedroom. Bruno Major gracefully plays me into my nightly routine. I wash my face, put away my homework, and cuddle up in a comfy hoodie. It is quiet.

“But tonight your apartment has so much appeal / Who needs stars? We’ve got a roof”

If you need more songs like this to lull you into a blissful slumber, check out gushers on Apple Music.

Ella McClure Mercer is a journalism major at the Bob Schieffer College of Communication at TCU, where she reports for TCU 360. She wrote her first song on the piano when she was 10 and hasn't stopped playing since. Originally from Nashville, Ella spends her free time drinking coffee, eating at fun restaurants, and going to concerts. Instagram: @old.eller Twitter: @oldeller_