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New Year, No Fear

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but recently hearing about so many people’s resolutions caused me to evaluate where I am in my life. I realized that for the majority of my life I have been afraid to try various things because I was worried what other people would think, or I let a reason based on irrational fear stop me. So this year I have decided to make a resolution, I am going to overcome as many of these fears as I can and try as many new things as I can.

I decided to start with my biggest irrational fear: changing my hair. I have had extremely long hair for the majority of my life. I cut it short once before sixth grade, which was horrible timing considering how awkward most people are at that age, and I was no exception! I made my awkward phase ten times worse. Because of my one short hair experience I did not dare try anything different again. I grew my hair back out and got as few trims as possible. I have been going back and forth probably for the last two years on making a change. I always admire anyone with colorfully dyed hair, and I have pinned numerous purple, blue, and teal hairstyles, but I was too worried people would judge me if I tried any of these styles. Now that I am 20, in college, and contemplating these fears I realized that I do not have much time before I will need to start professional internships and jobs where colorful hair will not be appropriate, so changing my hair became the perfect fear to conquer first.


I searched Pinterest for an example to take to my salon appointment. I researched different hair donation charities for the one I thought would be best. I made an appointment, which left me with five days to wait till I could make the cut. I thought I would be nervous when my appointment day came, but I was only excited. I was ready for a change. I ended up cutting off 9 inches to donate and getting a teal, blue, and purple “peek-a-boo” ombre coloring. I am so glad I did too. I am in love with the color, and my hair feels so much lighter.


Next I plan to try sushi (fear of raw fish), go indoor skydiving (fear of heights and falling), and start a summer internship that requires me to live in an apartment in an area where I do not know anyone (fear of living truly on my own). What are your fears? Are they rational? Is there anything you have always wanted to try, but you have let something stop you? Join me in 2017 and try something you have let fear keep you from doing.

Hello, My name is Paige Losack, and I am from Texas. I am in college at Texas Christian University, and I am majoring Political Science. I love working for Her Campus TCU as the Head Social Media Manager for our chapter! Wishing you well :)
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