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A New Spin on Campus Cuties This Week!

The Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Intramural Football Team caught our attention this weekend in their first round of competitive intramural playoffs. They took on Phi Kapp A team and won 19-13. The team features a small group of boys, freshman, sophomores and juniors.

The Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, also called Beta, is well known as a fraternity with high standards and strong values, their motto being “Men of Principle.” They value being respectable men as well as being respectful towards others.

Luke Beasley, a freshman Beta pledge from Alabama, told me why he loved being apart of the Beta Intramural Football Team. “I’ve really enjoyed getting to play flag football with my fraternity brothers. We already get to spend a lot of time together at our fraternity functions, but it has been fun to get to play football with them as well. I’ve also gotten to get to know some of the guys that I didn’t know really well before and being on a team with them really promotes our brotherhood.”

The boys of Beta Theta Pi have had a strong record this year in flag football and made it to the second round of the playoffs. The Beta boys are a group that is highly involved on campus, with involvement ranging from Neeley Fellows to Student Government Representatives, where even the TCU Vice President is a member of Beta. On any Wednesday you can find the majority of the current Beta pledge class volunteering at Como Community Center with Dream Outside the Box. These boys collectively represent a plethora of majors and minors including: Business, Marketing, Journalism, Political Science, Communications and so many more.

Overall these fraternity boys are a great representation of the TCU community as well as star football players as they prepare to take on the next round of playoffs!

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