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If you’re anything like me, you can’t study at home. I get too comfortable or too distracted or I can’t concentrate. So when I’m in desperate need of a good study sesh, I simply pack up my bags and head to the nearest coffee shop (my personal favorite in Fort Worth is White Rhino, check it out!). Funnily enough, when I’m studying, I listen to totally different music than what I normally listen to. If I’m running errands or working out, chances are I’m blasting either Morgan Wallen or a rad 80s playlist. If I’m having a cleaning day, I’m probably listening to Taylor Swift or Megan Moroney. If I’m feeling extra nostalgic, I’ll play some George Strait or Bon Jovi. So naturally, the music that I listen to when I’m studying at a coffee shop is something that I probably wouldn’t listen to while I’m out and about. Here’s my ultimate coffee shop playlist.

10. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

This song is, in a sense, gorgeous. This song has had a hold on me since I was young, and the lyrics are full of heartache, reflecting on how her life has not turned out the way she wanted it to. The familiar guitar chords and the ache in Chapman’s voice make this song an absolute masterpiece, and it is a necessary listen when you are sipping on cappuccino and planning for the future.

9. “Lavender Girl” by Caamp

This song has been an absolute favorite of mine since I discovered it this semester (I can’t believe I didn’t hear it sooner). This song is, in a few words, magical and mystical. It reminds me of flowers, lavenders, gardens, and the joys of being young. The singer’s voice is rich and full of wonder and longing as he croons about his “lavender girl”. Also who doesn’t love purple?! (Go frogs!) This song is full of beauty and longing; it’s definitely relaxing with its beautiful guitar chords and lulling melody. Definitely a favorite on my coffee shop playlist!

8. “Unexpected Feeling” by Gretta Ray

The fact that this song isn’t more popular is a crime on my list. This song is gentle, sweet, and luring with its simple melody and guitar chords. Gretta’s voice is gorgeous and the lyrics are undoubtedly soothing as she croons about having “unexpected feelings”. This song is absolutely the song I’d want to listen to while sipping coffee on a morning at the coffee shop.

7. “Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg

The title says it all -“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop”. Could I say anymore? The simple acoustic guitar chords are beautiful, and there is just something about coffee shops that brings us all together. It’s the sweetest of acoustic songs – a love story that begins in a coffee shop!

6. “Baby Blue Eyes” by A Rocket To The Moon

This song is simple, sweet, and adorable. A Rocket To The Moon is definitely one of my favorite bands, and their songs are the sweetest and enough to make anyone swoon. (I will definitely be playing some of their songs at my future wedding). This song is sweet and definitely relaxes me for a long study session.

5. “Moonlight Over Paris” by Peter Mayer

This has been one of my favorite songs since high school. (I was super sappy in high school). This acoustic song is gentle as Peter Mayer croons for his past lover. While the melody is simple and beautiful, the lyrics are full of longing and aching for someone who has left.

4. “I Was Just Thinking” by Teitur

This song is simultaneously sad and beautiful. This song is full of yearning and heartache while describing the pain that can come with long-distance relationships. It describes and feels exactly like what the end of a long-distance relationship feels like – sad, sweet, and lingering with a sense of yearning and longing. Teitur’s voice is astonishing, and I can feel the heartache in his voice as he yearns for the one who loves him. I feel the exhaustion in his voice as he explains “I’m tired of calling and missing you and dreaming that I slept with you” while assuring that he still desperately loves his partner. Definitely a must-listen on my coffee shop playlist!

3. “Dancing Shoes” by Green River Ordinance

This song is so special and is a must-add to any of my coffee shop playlists. The guitar chords are absolutely beautiful as the singer assures his partner that his loving arms are there for them. This song definitely reminds me of Fort Worth, going out in the countryside and enjoying the company of those around me.

2. “Turning Tables” by Adele

This song is absolutely heart wrenching. The piano keys are ominous in the background and give off a tone of despair. Adele describes a confrontation in her relationship and how her lover keeps “turning the tables” on her. This song is a soulful and haunting ballad that does its job, making you feel Adele’s melancholy and ache. It’s more on the darker side, but I love playing this song on my coffee shop playlist.

  1. “Out of My League” by Stephen Speaks

This song is my absolute favorite on this playlist. The piano introduction is gorgeous, and it’s one of my favorite intros for any song. The song contains lyrics from the perspective of a man admiring his partner, illustrating how fascinated he is with her. He describes how he falls further in love the more he looks at her. It’s a very sweet and gentle song that is absolutely perfect for my coffee shop playlist! It is a must-listen song for whenever I am at a coffee shop in the morning!

Marena Mendez is a rising senior at Texas Christian University and the President of Her Campus at TCU. She is a Youth Advocacy and Child Development major with specializations in Art Education and Communication studies. Marena is also the President of Frogs 4 Children, the Director of Hospitality for TCU Dance Marathon, and a Marketing Intern for Make A Wish. If she's not on campus, she's probably watching "Community", at Target, or tearing it up at Billy Bob's!