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Before I start, I want to let you know that different techniques work for different hair types.  I consider my hair to be type 3a/3b (which means it’s spiraly, curly, but still has some waves). This is just what works for my hair, and if you’re planning on starting, then this is a good starting point. To put together my hair care routine, I watched a lot of YouTube videos, including a copious amount titled “3a/3b hair routine” or “wavy hair routine”, just to get different perspectives.

I like to start off with drenching my scalp with a Jamaican black castor oil (warning: it smells bad), then section my hair into different parts and use a spray bottle to wet my hair, put in either my deep conditioner or bond builder conditioner, and brush it through (just go section by section). I then clip up my hair, cover it with a shower cap, and leave the products in for 10-15 mins. Next, shampoo and condition! First you need to rinse out the oil and deep conditioner by flipping your head over, massaging out the oil under warm water, and then scrunching the deep conditioner out. With my head still flipped over, I massage the shampoo into my scalp, flip my head back right-side up, and continue massaging to ensure all the gunk is out of my hair. 

Next, rinse out the shampoo with your head flipped upside down again. So you don’t pass out, go ahead and flip your head back over and take a break. To condition (get ready to use a lot of conditioner, and please don’t slip in the shower), finger comb the conditioner through your hair, then take a wide tooth comb and comb out the remaining tangles. For shampoo, focus on the scalp, and focus on the midshaft and ends with conditioner. Scrunch the hair to encourage curls, and leave the conditioner in as you finish your shower. To rinse out, let the water run from your scalp to your ends, and scrunch most the conditioner out, BUT NOT ALL OF IT! This will take trial and error to figure out.

Congrats! You have washed your hair, now let’s style. I flip my hair over and rake my leave-in conditioner through the midshaft and ends. Then, using the “praying hands method”, I make sure the product is smooth over the hair. I repeat this process for the application of my styling cream. After, I scrunch my hair with a cotton t-shirt. Next (with hair still flipped over), I scrunch (NOT RAKE OR COMB) my mousse into the midshaft and ends first, then into the scalp for added volume. Again, scrunch hair with a cotton t-shirt. 

Almost there! Finally, you have to dry your hair. There’s multiple ways to go about this. First, there’s always air drying (I suggest every 20 mins or so flipping your hair from one side to the other, from front to back, etc. for added volume). Also if you’re going to air dry, go ahead and scrunch, not rake, hair gel. My personal favorite method is diffusing. Before adding the hair gel, I flip my head over and on low airflow, cold air I push the diffuser up towards my scalp, collecting a portion of air into the bowl. Hold for about 15 – 20 seconds. Repeat the process until ends are dry. As soon as the ends are dry, scrunch in a tiny amount of hair gel, and continue diffusing. Diffuse until hair is damp, then let air dry! 

After my hair is fully dry, I fluff the roots, and apply my favorite argan oil serum. This process as a whole takes me about 2-3 hours, and I’m still figuring out new products and techniques to incorporate into my wash day routine. Alrighty, now go show off those new curls!

My whole personality trait includes curly hair, sus fits, and being a business major
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