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Name: Maddie Barnett

Year: Sophomore

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: Richardson, TX

Involvement: Phi Mu, Chemistry Club, Club Ultimate Frisbee, L4L, AED

Q: What made you decide to rush Phi Mu?

A: “I decided to join Phi Mu because of the unique opportunities that it would offer. Being a pre-med student, I was especially excited about the fact that our philanthropy is Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The chance to meet new people and gain more leadership experiences were also important influencing factors”.


Q: What has it been like to be a member of a charter sorority?

A: :It’s been quite interesting since every single one of us are going through this process at once. Everyone is so excited about getting ourselves established both within our chapter and on TCU’s campus. Were all learning everything there is about Phi Mu, and, once were initiated, we get to sign the charter that will remain in the new Phi Mu house.”


Q: Can you explain any differences between joining an established and a charter sorority?

A: “The biggest thing is rather than having a chapter full of initiated women leading us through our new member programs and organizing all the different events, we have two amazing chapter consultants who are phi mu alumnae themselves. Also, we don’t have any chapter bylaws yet, so there are a lot of rules and traditions that established TCU sororities have followed over the years that we don’t, but we will get to establish those ourselves once we are initiated and elect our new executive leaders. Until then we only follow Phi Mu’s national bylaws and traditions. One of the most interesting differences is that instead of doing Big’s and Little’s, we have twins!”


Q: How does the chartering process work?

A: “For Phi Mu, the chartering process began last spring when many chapter traveling consultants visited TCU and started meeting with potential new members and other sorority women on campus. Then, this fall they returned to begin the official recruitment process, starting with having pmn’s visit them during the first round of formal recruitment. Once formal recruitment was complete for the established chapters, Phi Mu held recruiting events, interviews, and set up tables across campus. At the end of the process, bids were handed out and we had our very own bid day celebration. Since then, we’ve had new member meetings, our official pledging ceremony, and have participated in some philanthropy events just like any other new pledge class. For initiation, alumnae from the area and nationals will be there to initiate us, and then we will get to sign the official charter as charter members. Throughout the year we will get the opportunity to establish different things like our signature philanthropy event or events and our own TCU Phi Mu traditions.”


Q: What has been your favorite part of being a Phi Mu so far?

A: “Definitely meeting new people as well as reconnecting with old friends through every event that we do. Oh, and all the new t-shirts.”

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