Last First Day of School

It’s 10:00 a.m. The sun is up, the sky is blue, and it’s 102 degrees (thank you, Texas). I’ve snoozed my alarm seven times, decided that I’m definitely not putting an ounce of effort into my appearance, and stumbled into the kitchen for a cup of Joe. What could this all mean, you ask? That it is my last first day of school! Although my palms aren’t sweating, my mom isn’t in the kitchen with a massive breakfast on the table, and I didn’t spend a week picking my outfit for the big day, there’s a bittersweet hype to this moment.

I plop on the sofa in my notorious XXL sleep shirt as my roommates and I reminisce on our first day of class freshman year. At the time, we all lived in Colby Hall, somehow managing to line the entire west wing of the second floor door-to-door. How this happened, we will never know; however, we thank the TCU housing gods to this day. Remembering a photo that we took on that morning, matching sorority bid-day shirts and all, we pull it together and hold back tears.

College has given me time to grow, time to change, and time to figure out roughly what in the world I’m doing with my life. A few failed courses, two changes of major, and an added minor, I am grateful for my incredible advisors. After spending a summer away from Fort Worth for the first time in my entire life, it’s beyond amazing to be back. Many of my peers are returning from out-of-state internships as well, now realizing that school is the easiest thing in comparison to “the real world.” It’s terrifying to think that in nine months, I’ll be tossed into this mythical place that people have warned me about my entire life. However, I have realized one thing: I need my friends. I need my friends on my last first day, I need my friends when I flunk a quiz, and I need my friends when I realize we may be on other ends of the Earth come June. I love these humans more than words can describe, and spending my last first day with them is the best gift in and of itself.

If there is nothing else you take from this rant, listen now. Cherish the beautiful friendships that will come as a result of your first day; cherish them on your last. Realize the opportunity you are given at this university and use it to your advantage. There are thousands of people who would do anything to be provided the life you live. ­With the wisdom I am supposed to have as a senior, even though I still feel like a freshman, I will tell you this: be kind to others, learn with excitement, and love those that surround you. Time will fly faster than you know, and then it will be your last first day of school.


Photo source: Allison Davis