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Ok. I want to preface this article by saying that for a good hour of my life, I 1000% believed that I had an alien encounter. But, I should also clarify that I did not, actually, see any aliens.

So, the story begins in New Mexico about an hour away from Roswell (the alien town that is actually really normal and a bit boring if you’ve been there). This meant that I got to see millions of little green men on my drive up and I was thinking about them already. It was around 8 or 9 p.m., the sun had already set, and all you could see were stars and trees. I was with my family outside when all of a sudden my grandmother exclaimed, “What is that?” 

I quickly looked up to see something unexplainable: a row of bright lights in the sky moving fast. To say I was shocked was an understatement. Then, the bright lights kept on coming. I tried like a maniac to get a video of them, but I couldn’t move fast enough. Everyone around me probably thought I was losing my mind because I kept screaming that the lights didn’t show up on camera. (My mom, however, did get a picture of them, so I may be slightly dumb sometimes, but at least the lights were real.)

Anyway, I spent the next hour texting and calling people telling them I saw aliens. Eventually, someone told me that I probably saw Starlink satellites. 

Apparently, Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, has started this project to use moving satellites to provide internet – even in rural areas. I, of course, had to look them up, and much to my relief, many others thought that these were UFOs. The Starlink satellites are relatively new, but people are starting to know what they are. Some of my friends had even seen them before. 

So, if you have seen a line of UFOs recently, I might have found an answer for you- even if it’s a little more boring than what you were thinking.

Elena Butterfield is a member of the Her Campus at TCU chapter. She loves to write about her experience as a transfer student, music, female empowerment and current events. Excited for her first year with Her Campus and TCU, Elena is a transfer student and current junior! She is working on her Bachelor of Arts in Writing with a minor in Women and Gender Studies. At her old school, St. Edward’s University, she was the Lead Prose Editor of the Sorin Oak Review. At TCU, she is currently part of the team for the eleven40seven publication. Born and raised in Fort Worth, Elena still loves exploring the city. She also loves to travel. Her favorite place to visit are the mountains of New Mexico. In her free time, she loves to journal and write poetry. She also loves reading other people’s poetry and other writing. Elena is also currently watching Grey’s Anatomy for the first time and loves watching Netflix dating shows with her dogs.